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 Multidimensionatlity of Poverty 

 Impact Hyphotheses 

 Beneficiary Assessment 

 Gender Equality 

 Advocacy and Good Governance 

 Measuring and Analysing Poverty 

 Pro-poor Measurements 

 MDGs and post-2015 


 Social Exclusion 

 Trends in Global Poverty 



Poverty and Inequality Topic Guide 2016_GSDRC (PDF, 2,428 KB)

Global Inequalities Briefing Paper (PDF)


Multidimensionatlity of Poverty

Creating the Prospect of Living a Life in Dignity (PDF, 205 KB)

Message on International Cooperation 2017 – 2020: Key points in brief (PDF, 1.94 MB)

Executive Summary: In the Face of Poverty, Meeting the global challenge through partnership (PDF, 493 KB)

DAC Guidelines on Poverty Reduction (PDF, 800 KB)


Impact Hyphotheses

Message on International Cooperation 2017 – 2020: Key points in brief (PDF, 1.94 MB)

Executive Summary: In the Face of Poverty, Meeting the global challenge through partnership (PDF, 493 KB)

DAC Guidelines on Poverty Reduction (PDF, 800 KB)

How to Note: Impact Hypotheses (PDF, 270 KB)

Programme Flash Learning Event on Impact Hypotheses - April 2014 (PDF, 376 KB)

Programme Flash Learning Event on Impact Hypotheses - October 2013, Bern Switzerland  (PDF, 376 KB)

Impact Hypothesis, Poverty Focus and Results Orientation Presentation (PPT, 670 KB, EN) 

How Change Happens Presentation (PPT, 522 KB, EN)

Introduction to Group Work: Reconstruction and quality assessment of the impact hypothesis (PDF, 171 KB, EN)

Hypothese d’impact orientée à la pauvreté et orientation aux résultats Presentation (PPT, 620 KB, FR) 

Comment le changement se produit Presentation (PPT, 520 KB, FR)

Introduction groupe de travail Introduction groupe de travail (PDF, 212 KB, FR)

Burkina Faso: Contribution au Programme de Développement des Villes Moyennes (PDF, 345 KB, FR)

Bangladesh: Agro-Forestry Improvement Partnership (AFIP) (PDF, 893 KB, EN)

How to Note: Impact Hypotheses (PDF, 270 KB)

Thinking about change for development practice: a case study from Oxfam GB (PDF, 107 KB)

Review of the use of ‘Theory of Change’ in international development Review Report (PDF, 8.29 MB)

A Three-fold Theory of Social Change and Implications for Practice, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PDF, 364 KB)


Beneficiary Assessment

How-To Note on BA (PDF, 726 KB) /

Annexes of How-To Note(PDF, 3.61 MB)

How-To Note on BA with Annexes Included (PDF, 3.88 MB)
Beneficiary Assessment of Community’s Perceptions on Rehabilitated and Improved Water Resources in Miyo Wereda, Borana Zone of the Oromia Region Report (PDF, 1.57 MB, EN)
Beneficiary Assessment of the Water Resources Management Programme (WARM-P)Report (PDF, 1.6 MB, EN)

Experience Nicaragua - 2014 Report (PDF, 6.79MB, SP)

 Experience Bangladesh – 2014 Report (PDF, 788.53 KB, EN)

Experience Ethiopia 2013 Report (PDF, 1.57 MB, EN)

Experience Nepal 2013 Report (PDF, 1.6 MB, EN)

Experience Central America, Bolivia & Kenya 2012 (PDF, 1.08 MB, EN)

Experience Nepal 2012 Report (PDF, 699 KB, EN)

Experience East Africa 2010 Report (PDF, 2.49 MB, EN)

Experience El Salvador 2008 Report (PDF, 1.71 MB, SP) 

Experience Bolivia 2006 Report (PDF, 2.30 MB, SP)

 Experience Bolivia 2004 Report (PDF, 2.43 MB, SP)

Experience Bolivia 2003 Report (PDF, 2.53 MB, SP)

Experience Nicaragua 2003 Report (PDF, 780 KB, SP)

Experience El Salvador 2003 Report (PDF, 1.50 MB, SP)

Experience Honduras 2003 Report (PDF, 348 KB, SP)

How-To Note on BA (PDF, 726 KB)

How-To Note on BA with Annexes Included (PDF, 3.88 MB)

Annexes How to Note on BA 1-9 (PDF, 3.61 MB)

Rapport initial concernant la partie évaluation par les bénéficiaires de l’Evaluation Externe du Programme SAHAReport (PDF, 378 KB, FR)

Learning About Beneficiary Assessment - SAHAReport (PDF, 436 KB, EN)

BA Guide - The Farmers’ Participatory Evaluation FPE (PDF, 9.31 MB, EN, SP, FR)

Metodología para la Valoración Participativa de Impacto (VPI) del Programa ATICAReport (PDF, 412 KB, SP)

Beneficiary Assessment - An Approach Described Report (PDF, 67 KB)

Final Summary (PDF, 942 KB, SP)

Evaluacion de Beneficiario de la SDC – Nota de Cómo Hacerlo (How-To Note on BA from SDC) Evaluation (PDF, 468 KB, SP)

Capitalization of Experience Workshop and Planning Session SummarySummary (PDF, 625 KB)

Reflections on BAs of WASH Projects in Nepal and Ethiopia Presentation (PDF, 6.10 MB)

Beneficiary Assessment an Institutional Perspective: Work in ProgressPresentation (PDF, 375 KB)

Brief Methodological Introduction to Beneficiary Assessment  Presentation (PDF, 418 KB)

BA in PCM at Strategic and Operational Level SDC (Quality Assurance Tools & Evaluation) Presentation (PDF, 540 KB)

Presentation of the How-To Note on BA Presentation (PDF, 91.76 KB)

Beneficiary Assessment , Central America, Bolivia, Kenya Presentation (PDF, 987 KB)

Bilans Participatif, Burkina Faso Presentation (PDF, 257 KB , FR)

Public Audits, Nepal Presentation (PDF, 672 KB)

Citizen Engagement through Visual Participatory Processes, Bosnia, Herzegovina Presentation (PDF, 463 KB)

Beneficiary Assessment: the Case of SAHA, Madagascar Presentation (PDF, 816 KB)

Beneficiary Perspectives in the Water Consortium Presentation (PDF, 903 KB)

Whose Learning and Accountability? Working with citizen researchers presentation (PDF, 853 KB)


Gender Equality

Accounting for women's use of time - Download this article as a PDF

SE Asia Women Resilience Index by Eveline Studer - Download as PDF.pdf


Advocacy and Good Governance

Community Driven Development, Collective Action and Elite Capture in Indonesia - Aniruddha Dasgupta and Victoria A. Beard (PDF, 99 KB)

Four Case Studies on the Experience of SDC and its Partners in Supporting Socially Inclusive Local Governance (PDF, 989 KB)

Inclusive Local Governance for Poverty Reduction: A Review of Policies and Practices (PDF, 460 KB)


Measuring and Analysing Poverty

Time to end extreme Poverty- Jane Carter

Counting the asian poor - Jane Carter

Prioritising poverty reduction: Swiss, Swedish and Norwegian ODA Compared  - Jane Carter

The politics of evidence - Jane Carter 

International Indices: Confusing or clarifying the poverty debate? - Jane Carter

The World Bank new's poverty focus - Jane Carter

Rural Poverty Reduction in Afghanistan - Tania Roher

The Sustainable Livelihoods Approach Learning Module: Poverty and Livelihoods in Development Cooperation Module


Pro-poor Measurements

The venture capitalists of development? - Sarah Byrne

Pro-poor patrons  - Sarah Byrne

Pro-Poor Policy: An Overview - Kate Bird and Stefanie Busse (PDF, 498 KB)

Pro-Poor Policy: A Selected Annotated Bibliography - Karishmah Bhuwanee (PDF, 1.27 MB)


MDGs and post-2015

Included or excluded? Migration in the post-2015 - Pascal Fendrich

A post-2015 ‘data revolution’ for whom – and by whom? - Bernd Steimann

Do we really need and SDC on inequality? - Bernd Steimann

Local governance - Bernd Steimann



Empowerment as a target and a critical driver of poverty reduction - Tania Roher

Understanding and Operationalising Empowerment - Cecilia Luttrell and Sitna Quiroz (PDF, 160 KB)

Empowerment Note 1: Linkages between human rights-based approaches and empowerment - Cecilia Luttrell and Sitna Quiroz, October 2007 (PDF, 160KB)

Empowerment Note 2: The definition and operationalisation of empowerment in different development agencies - Claire Scrutton and Cecilia Luttrell, August 2007 (PDF, 202KB)

Empowerment Note 3: The Power Cube Explained - Cecilia Luttrell, Kate Bird, Sarah Byrne, Jane Carter and Devanshu Chakravarti, November 2007(PDF, 253 KB)

Empowerment: A Selected Annotated Bibliography - Sitna Quiroy, November 2006 (PDF, 322 KB)

SDC’s Performance Towards Empowerment of Stakeholders from the Recipients’ Perspective (PDF, 1.75 MB)


Social Exclusion

Wellbeing in Laos

Leaving no one behind – the role of intersecting inequalities


Trends in Global Poverty

More evidence for falling poverty in Asia, linked to failing birth rates - Jane Carter

Global demand for natural rsources and local demands for justice -Anne-Sophie Gindroz

Making a better world? - Jane Carter

The tyranny of performance -Anne-Sophie Gindroz

Partnerships with the private sector for development? - Partnerships with the private sector for development? 

The dangerous economics of inequality - Jane Carter

Growing inequalities and global governance - Anne-Sophie Gindroz

So being poor saps mental abilities - Jane Carter

Reaching the poorest of the poor - Bernd Steimann

Contested new geographies of poverty and aid - Bernd Steimann

SDGs Land Rights and Poverty - October 2015 Jane Carter.pdf