Addressing Poverty in Practice


How can the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) ensure that its activities are effective in reducing poverty?

Whilst most SDC personnel are highly conscious of their global mandate to reduce poverty, interpretations of what this means in practice can vary. Furthermore, it is not always easy to keep poor and disadvantaged people foremost in mind during daily decisions and activities.

This section on the website provides SDC personnel with practical tools and guidance in order to facilitate a pro-poor focus of SDC's strategies, programmes and projects. To learn more, click on the images below:






For more information on Gender Equality, please visit our SDC Gender Shareweb.

For more information on Advocacy and Good Governance, please visit our SDC Democratisation, Decentralisation and Local Governance (DDLGN) Shareweb.

For more information on SDC's conflict and human rights agenda, please visit our SDC Fragility, Conflict and Human Rights Network.

If you have questions and for further information, please do not hesitate and contact our Poverty Reduction Focal Point: Stephanie Guha