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Virtual Roundtable: Giving a Voice to Civil Society amid Covid 19 | 8th and 9th April

UPR info invites civil society organizations and National Human Rights Institutions in a Virtual Roundtable to exchange information on the impact of the Covid 19 crisis on human rights (in English and French). This will be an opportunity to discuss about challenges that civil society is facing and the solutions that can be put in place to protect human rights. Find out more and register here»

Stephanie Guha / April 2020

​Newsbrief N°1 April 2020 | COVID-19 and Poverty-Wellbeing

This newsbrief - a new format on a dedicated topic, outside of the usual newsletters - focuses on the links and impact of COVID-19 on inequalities and leave no one behind and highlights how social protection can be a response to the pandemic. Read more»

Stephanie Guha / April 2020

​Leave No One Behind, Inequalities and Social Protection in times of the Coronavirus COVID-19

In these difficult and uncertain times, we would like to share some reflections on COVID-19 and its effects on the most vulnerable, the poor and people left behind to highlight further dimensions of the health crisis. As the coronavirus is spreading across the globe, it seems to expose existing inequalities and to widen social and economic divisions. A dedicated page has therefore been created on the Shareweb Poverty-Wellbeing that will be updated regularly. Take a look here»

Stephanie Guha / April 2020

How to fix a leaky bucket: Fastenopfer's Solidarity Groups approaches

Solidarity Groups are an approach for community empowerment that is supported by the Swiss NGO Fastenopfer. Unlike other group-based savings schemes, in which groups are only vehicles for delivering financial services, Solidarity Groups focus on building strong cohesive communities. They use internal savings and lending as starting point for a community-led empowerment process that leaves no one behind. Working together in a spirit of solidarity enables extremely poor and marginalised people to build more resilient livelihoods, reduce their structural vulnerability to debt and exploitation, and gain greater control over their own destiny.

Programmes in Madagascar and Senegal were evaluated with a focus on understanding Solidarity Groups' Impacts using a rigorous mixed methods approach; India was evaluated separately focusing on understanding the importance of certain programme elements. Read more»


​Newsletter Poverty-Wellbeing March 2020 | LNOB online training, actions for universal social protection, unwrapping inequalities

Do you want to deepen your understanding of how to target the most vulnerable in your work by applying 'Leave No One Behind' in practice? Do you want to find out more about good practices on LNOB from Burkina Faso and Kosovo? Do you want to learn about concrete cases and sets of action to guarantee universal social protection? Are you interested in how to unwrap and better tacke inequalities? Then take a look at the spring newsletter to learn more»

Stephanie Guha / March 2020

​New online training on LNOB available

A new online training is available on 'Leave no one behind – Challenges and opportunities of implementation'. For detailed information on the training and further information on LNOB, visit our dedicated pageRegistration is extended until 27 March

Click here to find out more and to register»

Stephanie Guha / March 2020

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