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​Social and economic issues of upgrading slums in African cities

Studies led in South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia have shown that moving people without taking their social and economic concerns into consideration is not the way to deal with the issue of urban slums. Read more »

Thomas Piras / July 2018

​Interview: Inequality debate is highly controversial

The organisation Alliance Süd conducted an interview with CDE researcher Sabin Bieri on the inequality debate within the context of the 2030 Agenda. Sabin is concerned about the increasing inequality and states that implementing the agenda will be difficult in the current political situation. The interview addresses several issues, such as the roles of multilateral organisations and the tax systems. Photo: © Daniel Rihs/13 Photo. Read the interview »

Fabienne Burkhalter / July 2018

​Booming cities – booming food industry, an opportunity for small farmers?

Do fast-growing cities have an impact on agriculture? The Economist compares the effects of booming cities on food production in Bangladesh and Nigeria.
In booming cities, demand for food is growing very fast, because of the increasing number of inhabitants. Such demand can shift agriculture priorities and food production. Learn more »

Thomas Piras and Fabienne Burkhalter, SDC / April 2018

​Newsletter Poverty-Wellbeing April 2018

What does the SDGs imperative to ‘Leave no one behind’ mean for development practitioners? The SDC is currently developing a working tool on ‘Leave no one behind’ to operationalise this principle. Working on the tool, different questions have come up: is it better to mainstream inclusion or to target the poor? What is our role in getting rid of ultra-poverty? And what should equality really look like? In this edition, you will find reflections on these topics, complemented with a video by Winnie Byanyima on how much inequality we can live with. Furthermore, we invite you to read our summary of the Oxfam report ‘Reward Work, not Wealth’.Remember that this newsletter and our shareweb are open for contributions. If you want to submit an article for publication, just let us know.
Enjoy the reading!

Anne Moulin / April 2018

​Why poverty targeting may not be the right thing to do

After a year-long research project on poverty and child well-being in Indonesia, Development Pathways’ researcher Bjorn Gelders draws five lessons learnt on poverty dynamics. These reflections have broad and important implications for the design of development programmes and question in particular the relevance of narrow targeting approaches. Learn more »

Justine Boillat / March 2018

​Let's Rid the World of Ultra-Poverty!

Around the globe, 193 nations have committed to Sustainable Development Goal #1: ending poverty in all its forms by the year 2030. That means ending ultra-poverty too. There is a lot of evidence that we know how to do it, especially since 80% of it is in just 14 countries. But will we? Let's look at the obstacles and the opportunities in front of us. Learn more »

Anne Hastings / February 2018

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