​​​​​​​​​​​Social Protection

Social protection is the set of public and private initiatives designed to support all people across the life-cycle, providing protection against social and economic risks and ensuring sustainable livelihoods. Well-designed social protection systems ensure a minimum income and equitable access to essential services for the poor and vulnerable, enable people to cope with shocks and ensure dignity. Social protection both prevents people from falling into acute poverty and enables sustainable escape out of poverty.

Social protection can be provided through three main modalities: social assistance (non-contributory transfers and social care services to address special needs), social insurance (contributory schemes to protect against risks) and labour market policies (livelihood promotion and labour standards). Social protection systems ideally comprise the three modalities, which are complementary to cover different needs. 
Social protection is an essential component of the 2030 Agenda and an effective approach to contribute to SDC's priorities. It contributes to sustainable poverty alleviation, to human development, to inclusive economic growth and to social cohesion. In humanitarian contexts, it offers opportunities to bridge emergency responses to longer-term solutions. Social protection can tackle the root causes of vulnerability, exclusion and inequality, including of gender inequality. It is a central approach to leaving no one behind.  


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Webinars on role of social protection in response to COVID-19

The knowledge-sharing platform on social protection currently offers several webinars on the role of social protection in response to the pandemic:​

Telehealth for the provision of comprehensive care solutions to children in the face of COVID-19
20 October 2020

Southern Countries' Response to COVID-19: Perspectives from PEP Researchers
30 September 2020

Social protection in the COVID-19 era: What does the evidence tell us?
22 September 2020

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