Learning Activities (until 2018)

Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Support to SDC Field Offices & Operational Units

Did you know that SDC field offices and operational units can request exclusive support from IDS experts for activities around poverty and inequality? To learn more about these activities and our collaboration with IDS, click here »​ 

Learning Trajectory Global Inequalities

Are you working for the SDC and would you like to better understand and tackle inequalities? The Quality Assurance and Poverty Reduction Section has successfully launched a Learning Trajectory on 'Inequalities'. Bolivia, Mozambique, and our Global Programme Food Security have already reviewed their cooperation/thematic strategies from an inequality perspective. Do you wish to join this and other activities in order to strengthen SDC's focus on inequality? If so, click here »​

Operationalising SDC’s Poverty Focus in Bangladesh

Since late 2013, SDC Bangladesh has been working to raise awareness and capacity among staff and partners about poverty and inclusion. In 2016, this process was accompanied by an IDS fellow as part of the SDC Quality Assurance and Poverty Reduction Section’s collaboration with the Institute of Development Studies (see this page). Learn more »

Beneficiary Assessment of the Katalyst Programme in Bangladesh

As part of the collaboration between the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and the SDC Quality Assurance and Poverty Reduction Section (see this page), IDS was commissioned to implement a Beneficiary Assessment of the Katalyst programme in Bangladesh. The aim of the research was to build a systemic understanding of large programmes using market system approaches. Learn more »


Urban Poverty Working Group

Today, approximately 25 % of the world’s poor live in urban areas. This part is expected to increase to 50 % by 2040. In view of such trends, SDC’s South Cooperation (SC) initiated a reflection process in 2016 on the future positioning of the SDC in urban contexts: Should the SDC engage in a more substantive way in urban settings and if so, how? Learn more »

Roma Inclusion

The SDC is collaborating with IDS on a learning process to support SDC staff in their work relating to inclusion of Roma people in the Western Balkans. Learn more » 

Learning Trajectory Health and Equity

This Learning Trajectory fostered collaborative learning and knowledge sharing on equity and inclusion in health in the SDC, and covered the many and varied mechanisms of exclusion. Of particular importance were the understanding of forms of social exclusion that deny certain groups' access to health services, in relation to specific population groups. The Learning Trajectory also increased knowledge about, and understanding of, the different health interventions in the CEE region that have a strong inclusion component. Learn more »

This Learning Trajectory transformed into an accompaniment, and results will be shared on this platform.