Learning Activities

Institute for Development Studies (IDS) Support to SDC Field Offices & Operational Units

Did you know that SDC field offices and operational units can request exclusive support from IDS experts for activities around poverty and inequality? To learn more about these activities and our collaboration with IDS, click here »​ 


Learning Trajectory Global Inequalities

Are you working for SDC and would you like to better understand and tackle inequalities? The Quality Assurance and Poverty Reduction Section has successfully launched a Learning Trajectory on 'Inequalities'. Bolivia, Mozambique, and our Global Programme Food Security have already reviewed their cooperation/thematic strategies from an inequality perspective. Do you wish to join this and other activities in order to strengthen SDC's focus on inequality? If so, click here »​


Learning Trajectory Equity and Health

The overarching aim of this learning trajectory is to enhance a common understanding and to build up SDC's and its bilateral and multilateral partners' expertise on equity and inclusion in health. To learn more, contact Enrichetta Placella (SDC).


(Closed) Workshop SDC's Strategy in Haiti

Haiti is one of the poorest and most unequal countries in the world. The Swiss Development Cooperation office in Port-au-Prince organised a workshop to reflect on its strategic orientation to best tackle extreme poverty and inequalities.​