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New section: Poverty, Politics and Power

We are pleased to announce that the Poverty, Politics and Power section of the Poverty Wellbeing Shareweb site is now active!  Here you will find details of the work of the SDC-IDS (Institute of Development Studies) Collaboration which will include resources, news, shared learnings and information about activities.  Now in its second phase, this Collaboration aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of SDC processes and operations focused on poverty. IDS will work with SDC staff, headquarters and country offices to keep them up to speed with evolving understandings of the nature and dynamics of poverty, vulnerability and exclusion. It will assist them in gaining a better understanding of poverty and vulnerability, and make the role of politics and power in the context of poverty more transparent.  Read more »

The South Asia Women's Resilience Index

By Eveline Studer. All over the world statistics and experience indicate that women are more adversely affected by disaster events than men. The South Asia women’s resilience index (WRI) published in late 2014 aims at measuring the capacities to withstand and recover from disasters in a gender sensitive manner. The WRI report, which was produced by The Economist Intelligence Unit and commissioned by Actionaid, focuses on eight countries in South Asia, including Japan as a reference. Read more »

Roma Social Inclusion Regional Seminar

Jo Howard from IDS was with SDC colleagues in Bucharest from 26-30 April to co-facilitate a workshop on Roma Inclusion in Eastern Europe. The workshop focused on deepening understanding of discrimination and its intersection with other forms of exclusion: more information is on the Roma Inclusion website. Jo will be supporting learning trajectories with SDC programme officers over the coming year.

3 key messages for eradicating poverty

Andrew Shepherd, a Director of the Chronic Poverty Advisory Network (UK) and Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute (UK), visited SDC last November. In this short video, you will find his three messages to SDC and to development practitioners for eradicating poverty.





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​More than one billion people in the world today live in extreme poverty, yet the concerns and needs of very poor people continue to feature insufficiently in the design of development policies. “Poverty” as defined on this website is not confined to a lack of economic resources, but also to an absence of the wider means to live in dignity. Being poor is thus multidimensional, encompassing vulnerability and discrimination, and is as relevant in situations of humanitarian crisis and economic transition as it is in more general development discourse. More information on our understanding of poverty »