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2018 face to face event

14 - 17 May 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine

The face to face event focussed on 4 main topics: [A] DDLG in fragile contexts, [B] Media support, [C] Gender-responsive & socially inclusive budgeting, [D] Governance as a transversal theme. In addition, knowledge hubs were organised where peers offered roundtable discussions on topics of common interest. On the third day, participants embarked on one of four field trips.

If you are looking for a written workshop report, there isn't one ;-) All documents, presentations, as well as topic summaries, can be found here below. If you believe there is a document missing, please contact Christa Romagnini and we will add it.

Key event documents

Workshop sessions


    Looking back

    Day 1 morning |

    Corinne Huser, the network focal point, looks back with us on activities launched during the last f2f event in 2015, such as the case studies produced on "informal local governance institutions", on "accountability", on "parliament support", and on "fiscal transfers".


    DDLG in fragile contexts

    Day 1 afternoon, day 2 morning |

    During this session, the participants discussed the ongoing learning journey. In particular, discussions centred around IDS working paper and the six country case studies.


    Media support

    Day 2 afternoon |

    During this session, discussions centred around [A] media support in fragile contexts, [B] social inclusion and gender equality through media, or [C] media sustainability.


    Gender-responsive & socially inclusive budgeting

    Day 2 afternoon |

    The gender equality and the DDLG networks continue their common learning journey on this topic. Find the background documents as well as photo-summaries of the flipcharts from the group discussions.


    Governance as a transversal theme

    Day 4 morning |

    The DDLG has developed a practical guide to facilitate the integration of governance as a mandatory transversal theme in SDC’s thematic priorities. In this section you will find along with the guide the draft Action Plans to further the integration of Governance at division and country level as well as lessons learnt from the Gender Network.


    Field visits

    Day 3 |

    What DDLG projects does SDC support in Ukraine? How do local actors react to/influence the ever-changing DDLG landscape in Ukraine? Firsthand interaction with Ukrainian actors.


    Knowledge Hubs

    Day 4 afternoon |

    Participants exchange with peers about topics they chose themselves. An open place for discussions on a variety of DDLG topics.


    Looking ahead

    Day 4 afternoon |

    Planning for the next 2 years: What are the next steps? Who will lead which topic?

10 years anniversary of DDLGNetwork - Time to celebrate!

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