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During 2017-2018, the Democratization, Decentralization and Local Governance (DDLG) and the Conflict and Human Rights (CHR) Networks engaged in a Learning Journey on governance in fragile contexts. The main aim of the learning journey was, on the one hand, to understand better how governance programming influences peacebuilding and on the other hand, how conflict and fragility have an impact on SDC’s governance programming. Overall, six SDC Cooperation Offices (Afghanistan, Burundi, Egypt, Mali, Honduras, and Ukraine) took part in this journey, in order to enable joint learning. - If you are interested in an electronic copy or the full version of any case study, please address the respective cooperation office directly.
Below, you find a state of the art paper, which marked the starting point of the learning journey, as well as a synthesis report (F/E) with open questions that have been discussed during the F2F.

Restitution from the working groups has been done in the form of flipcharts presented to all participants in the plenary session [see video].


 Key Workshop Documents

 Further reading documents