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The ddlgn is the SDC thematic network on development issues dealing with decentralisation, democratisation and local governance. It also provides guidance and support on the concepts of political economy and good governance as transversal theme.

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    Annual Programme 2019

    Table of contents: 1. The context in 2018; 2. Results 2018; 3. Priorities 2019

    Key Reading Document
    Corinne Huser

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Mission and mandate

The network aims to further the knowledge and operational, methodological competence of its members in the field of ddlg. This shall contribute to enhancing the thematic quality and effectiveness of SDC and partners programs. It does this through documentation and providing access to relevant knowledge resources, concept development, exchange of experience and peer support, offering training and advisory services. This webpage is the network's online platform and main communication tool.

Our development vision

SDC contributes to the achievement of the sustainable development goals through measures that promote inclusive and responsive, effective and accountable state institutions, strong and active civil society, citizen participation and public oversight, backed by a conducive legal framework and compliance with the rule of law.

Our principles

Political engagement - Starting from context - Applying a systemic perspective and linking operations with policy reforms - Principled but adapted approach - Engagement with a long-term perspective - Particular consideration for gender equality - Results orientation - Collaborative approach

 DDLG Thematic Unit

For whom

It is a network of practitioners and experts from SDC and its partners, associated experts around the world. The network is coordinated by the ddlgn focal point and thematic unit which is supported by the network's core group members. They represent the SDC's different divisions and importantly contribute to advance the ddlgn learning agenda.

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Our partners

The DDLG Network works with different kinds of partners. We mandate institutions to help us implement our activities. We participate in donor coordination platforms in order to explore and promote effective governance in partner countries. We contribute financially to regional governance networks. And through our core contribution we engage in long-term partnerships with like-minded Institutions. Please visit our list of partners for more information.

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