Oct 16
Learn4dev – course on Local Governance and Sustaining Peace

​DeLoG's next Joint Learning Event Local Governance and Sustaining Peace (info) will take place from 22-25 January 2018 in Brussels.  The full course announcement will be available soon on our website. Application will be open from 10-20 November 2017.

Sep 29
The winners are: Portugal, Georgia and Mexico !

Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency announced the results of the Public Participation in Fiscal Policy and Budget Making Award. The network 's Coordination Team received 16 submissions documenting quite varied and amazing experiences coming from all range of actors in the fiscal transparency and accountability ecosystem, from 13 countries (Brazil, Chile, Georgia, Germany, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Paraguay, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, and Portugal).

Sep 29
Tech for Citizen Voices

​This book is comprised of one study and three field evaluations of civic tech initiatives in developing countries. The study reviews evidence on the use of twenty-three information and communication technology (ICT) platforms designed to amplify citizen voices to improve service delivery. Focusing on empirical studies of initiatives in the global south, the authors highlight both citizen uptake (yelp) and the degree to which public service providers respond to expressions of citizen voice (teeth).

Aug 31
Our human rights institution may be perceived as toothless but it is not worthless...

Find more inspiring quotes on our event page!

Aug 29
2017 Learning Retreat is in full swing!

Visit our event page: - Here you find all the information regarding the event. - In addition we will post news or short statements from the workshop every morgning.

Aug 17
Geneva Democracy Weeks

​On the occasion of the international democracy day, there are several institutions that put together an interesting program in Geneva:

La Journée internationale de la démocratie fête cette année son

20ème anniversaire. Instituée par l’ONU, elle a lieu, chaque

année, le 15 septembre. Célébrée dans plus de 100 pays, elle

vise à « réexaminer l’état de la démocratie dans le monde ».

A cette occasion, la chancellerie d’Etat du canton de Genève

organise la 3ème édition de la Semaine de la démocratie qui

a pour objectif de mettre en lumière l’importance des outils

démocratiques et de donner une meilleure visibilité à nos

institutions, de manière scientifique, festive et ludique.

Jul 11
DeLoG Newsletter 35

Dear Reader,

welcome to the new issue of the DeLoG newsletter with the latest activities and news of the network, upcoming events as well as courses and recent publications.

“In profile” we feature Ms. Amita Gill, Local Governance Specialist as well as DeLoG´s focal point at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

We hope you enjoy this issue.

Your DeLoG Team

Jun 26
NADEL: Course on extractive industries for development professionals

Nadel is organising a one week course on extractive industries and the challenge of governance. The course takes place on 27.11 - 1.12.2017 in Zurich.

Download the flyer HERE.

May 30
Launch Shareweb Learning Journey ‘Governance in fragile contexts’

Dear DDLG members

During the next 12 months the CHR and DDLG networks will engage on a joint learning journey on ‘Governance in fragile contexts’ and all you need to know you find on the journey's web page.

The aims of the Learning Journey are:

Capitalize on experience from DDLG programs in fragile contexts through collaborative learning and knowledge sharing and establish a shared understanding of different approaches and guidance on the planning, implementing and monitoring of DDLG programs in fragile contexts.

With the support of IDS, we will closely work together with the cooperation offices of Afghanistan, Burundi, Honduras, Egypt, Mali, and Ukraine to capitalize on their experiences and learning. While this will be an important part of the journey, we are dependent on the additional sharing of experiences of the other cooperation offices as well as our partners. You can do this via the newsblog or contact us directly. Thank you in advance!

We are happy if you aliment the Shareweb page as much as we do and are looking forward to an interesting year!  

Warm regards, the DDLG team

May 30
Evidence based policy making

​Interesting and important study on the question how policy change might happen and why (example from Indonesia)

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