Health - Portfolio

How SDC is involved in health


​​The overall goal of SDC’s cooperation in health is to improve population health with a special focus on poor and vulnerable groups. Improving the health status of populations provides opportunities for improved livelihoods and well-being and, thus, reduces poverty and vulnerability. SDC’s humanitarian and development cooperation is channelled through a mix of bilateral, multilateral and global cooperation efforts. The agency supports its partners to go beyond proje​ct-based approaches towards a coordinated programme and sector approach promoting ownership. SDC systematically fosters the participation of its partners in national, regional and international debates and exchanges.

​Where we support projects

Global development cooperation             

At global level, SDC supports and interacts with numerous multilateral institutions and global health initiatives as well as international NGOs, research centres for development, and public-private partnerships. SDC aims to strengthen the coherence and impact of Swiss engagement in international health and to actively engage in the global health policy dialogue.

Bilateral development cooperation

At regional and national level, SDC actively coordinates and promotes synergies with all development actors - from bilateral and multilateral development agencies, the public and the private sector to civil society.

Humanitarian cooperation


In the context of emergencies and disasters, SDC’s humanitarian aid in the health sector is complementary to its development cooperation. It is either short term with an emphasis on saving as many lives as possible in a short amount of time, or mid- to long term with the aim to promote sustainability through a relief to development continuum.