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This is the Health Network Shareweb of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC. Our staff and partners as well as anybody interested in international health issues are welcome to use the SDC Health Shareweb. This shareweb serves as a gateway to the latest SDC Health Policy and Practice, the Swiss contribution to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals related to health, as well as to general information about the work we are doing.

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​Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs): Time to Deliver

Although there have been many country commitments to action to address NCDs and proven tools and approaches are available, actual progress towards tackling these preventable, chronic diseases has been patchy and slow. In October 2017 the WHO Director-General convened the WHO Independent High-level Commission on Noncommunicable Diseases to advice on how countries might accelerate progress. The Commission’s report, “Time to Deliver” was published on June 1st. Read more>>

18/06/2018 13:59

​How gender-responsive are the world`s most influential global health organisations?

Global Health 50/50 issued its first report on gender equality in global health as a means of accountability in support of working towards the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals such as health (3), gender equality (5), inequalities (10) and inclusive societies and institutions (16). Read more>>

31/05/2018 17:03

What has the European Song Contest Performance to do with Life Satisfaction and Suicide?

Two researchers from the School of Public Health, Imperial College London, were interested in whether there is a potential association between countries` Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) performance and national representative data of self-reported life satisfaction and suicide mortality rates in European countries. They intriguingly hypothesized that large national and international competitions which attract a lot of interest among the general population may have unanticipated consequences on health and well-being of populations. Read more>>

30/05/2018 10:19
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