Who we are


The Health Network is the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation’s thematic network for health and includes SDC staff members and partners who are involved in strengthening health systems worldwide. Members of the SDC Health Network are development practitioners with links to the activities of SDC. The primary goal of this platform is to support the implementation of SDC orientation in strengthening health services, control and prevention of major communicable diseases (Malaria, HIV/AIDS) and improving reproductive, maternal and child health. The platform offers guidance for policy dialogue and operations to increase the quality and impact of SDC's bilateral and multilateral health programmes. 

Photo: Global F2F Health meeting on How to make SDC fit-for-purpose?
November 6-9th 2017, Versoix, GE, Switzerland

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Become a registered member of the Health Shareweb's Closed User Group (CUG) to participate in thematic discussions and to receive news from network members. Don't hesitate to contact Viviane Hasselmann.