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This is a database containing all the relevant and useful output of SDC in the health domain.
It mainly consists of project reports, best practices, research results, speeches and other outputs of either network and research activities from SDC.

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Health Topic
Regional F2F SENAP 2019 and Health Thematic Guidance sheet Long version FINAL 27.3.2019HIV& AIDS (Mainstreaming Issues)2019 Gesundheitsaussenpolitik 2019-2024Health Policies etc.Switzerland; Global2019 Extérieure Suisse en Matière de Santé 2019-2024Health Policies etc.Switzerland; Global2019 estera della Svizzera in materia di salute 2019-2024Health Policies etc.Switzerland; Global2019
Organigramm_GPH_ab_Feb_2019Health System Strengthening2018
Global Burden of Diseases 2017Health System Strengthening2018
Nutrition Project One UN in South Kivu_UNICEFDeterminants of Health2018
Global Brief - Programme Global SantéHealth System Strengthening, Health Promotion, Health Policies etc.Global; Switzerland2017
Global Brief - Global Programme HealthGlobal Brief - Global Programme HealthHealth System Strengthening, Health Promotion, Health Policies etc.Global; Switzerland2017 Brief - Globalprogramm GesundheitHealth System Strengthening, Health Promotion, Health Policies etc.Global; Switzerland2017 standards, guidelines, protocols in BiH – Best case reportingHealth System StrengtheningGlobal; Bosnia and Herzegovina2015
Flyer La salute - Una priorità per la DSCHealth System StrengtheningGlobal2015
Flyer La santé - Une priorite pour la DDCHealth System StrengtheningGlobal2015
Flyer „Health – A priority for the SDC“Health System StrengtheningGlobal2015 „Gesundheit – Eine Priorität der DEZA“Health System StrengtheningGlobal2015 Health 2015.PNG?RenditionID=9Factsheet Health 2015Health PromotionGlobal2015 framework.PNG?RenditionID=9Strategic Framework 2015–2019 SDC Global Programme HealthHealth System StrengtheningGlobal2015 Report 2015.PNG?RenditionID=82015 Report on Effectiveness of the Swiss International Cooperation in HealthHealth PromotionGlobal; Switzerland2015 Portfolio/DEZA_Gesundheitspolitik2013_FR.JPG?RenditionID=9Politique de Santé de la DDCHealth Policies etc.Global; Switzerland2013 Portfolio/DEZA_Gesundheitspolitik2013.JPG?RenditionID=9 DEZA GesundheitspolitikHealth Policies etc.Global; Switzerland2013 Portfolio/DEZA_Gesundheitspolitik2013_EN.JPG?RenditionID=9 SDC Health PolicyHealth Policies etc.Global; Switzerland2013
SINO MEP External ReviewExternal Review of SINO and MEP projects in TajikistanHealth System StrengtheningTajikistan2012 Portfolio/SDC_Factsheet_Health2014_fr.JPG?RenditionID=9 Fiche thématique santéHealth Policies etc.Global; Switzerland2012
WASH in Health FacilitiesWASH in Health Facilities - SummaryDeterminants of HealthGlobal; Switzerland2012
Chronic Diseases - Speech Dahinden 2011Speech Dahinden_Chronic Diseases. A global challengeCommunicable and non-communicable diseasesGlobal2011
Ist Globalisierung ansteckendIst Globalisierung ansteckend - Rede DahindenCommunicable and non-communicable diseasesGlobal2011
UN High level meeting NCDs 2011UN High Level Meeting on Non-Communicable DiseasesCommunicable and non-communicable diseasesGlobal; United States of America2011
GSPA_resource_en_200711WHO Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property-the Contribution of SwitzerlHealth System Strengthening, Health Policies etc.Global2011
Primary Health Care Reform HandbookPrimary Health Care Reform HandbookHealth System Strengthening, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child HealthBosnia and Herzegovina2011
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