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Advancing Universal Health Coverage - UHC 2030

In September 2019, at the United Nations High-Level Meeting (UN HLM) «Universal Health Coverage: Moving Together to Build a Healthier World», world leaders endorsed the most ambitious and comprehensive political declaration on health history. In endorsing the declaration, they recommitted to ensure that, by 2030, everyone in every country can receive all the quality health services they need without suffering financial hardship. Read more>>

15/07/2020 19:18

Launch of the AMR Action Fund

Antimicrobial resistance, AMR, is one of the biggest global health threat. It is estimated that AMR could claim 10 million lives per year by 2050, if urgent action is not taken. The AMR Action Fund launched last week expects to invest more than US$1 billion in smaller biotech companies and provide industry expertise to support the clinical development of novel antibiotics. Read more>>

14/07/2020 15:05

COVID-19 in Africa​

After Latin America, there are strong fears that the epidemic will hit Africa harder in the coming weeks. Africa recorded its first case of the new disease in mid-February. While it took nearly 100 days to reach 100,000 cases, the jump to 200,000 cases occurred in less than 20. WHO recommends that as restrictions are lifted, countries must ensure that they can continue to test for COVID-19 while also providing access to essential health services. Read more>>

06/07/2020 09:08

COVID-19: Opportunities for a rise in local e-health solutions?

Every country on the continent Africa has confirmed cases of COVID-19. As well as rapidly mobilising limited resources to flatten the disease curve, institute diagnosis and case detection and management, health systems have to contend with context-specific challenges to which imported foreign solutions may not effectively respond. These challenges are presenting opportunities for the health technologies sector in Africa, particularly start-ups that have the agility to rapidly innovate local solutions at low-cost. Read more>>

29/06/2020 09:16

The Lancet: Global governance for COVID-19 vaccines

Enormous amounts of public money and resources poured into vaccine research and development have resulted in more than 150 COVID-19 vaccine candidates, ten of which are now in clinical trials. Neither a nationalist nor a free-market-driven approach will lead to equal access to vaccines. It is imperative that more governments and pharmaceutical companies agree to shoulder the costs of vaccine research and manufacturing, and to share data and technologies. They need to commit to WHO allocation guidelines and cooperate globally to distribute vaccines fairly to those at greatest risk. A pandemic vaccine needs strong global governance behind it. >>Read the article

23/06/2020 12:46
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