Connecting Resolution 1325 with SDG 5 and 16. A review on national action plans 1325

​Even when 2015 marked the 15th anniversary of UN RES 1325, substantive participation of women in peacebuilding and the protection of women’s rights in conflicts remain a major challenge. Based on a thematic introduction by DCAF, participants in this workshop discussed current debates in the Women, Peace and Security agenda, shared their experiences with National Action Plans (NAP) in their countries and discussed them with staff from the FDFA and partners responsible for the implementation of the Swiss NAP. Key messages of the workshop included the need of expanding the concept of human security as really being security for all (e.g. including economic security and social protection), the possibility to use the different human rights instruments (like also CEDAW) in a flexible manner and linking them better and the need for meaningful and substantive participation and not just participation in numbers. Furthermore it is crucial to have a good analysis of the context, the existing experiences, strategies, stakeholders, the security system and its accessibility to figure out the good combination of instruments and to have a strong civil society network.

DCAF: UNSCR 1325, NAP’s, SDG’s 5 and 16, CEDAW. What to use when and how?
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