Gender, local governance, decentralisation and women's political participation

​The two workshops concentrated on the integration of gender in PSG 1 (Legitimate politics). In the first workshop participants discussed gender issues in local governance and decentralisation. COOF Mozambique reported about their experiences in decentralising the competencies to tax, plan, budget and administer resources to local governments and in integrating gender issues in these programs. COOF Ukraine shared their experiences of the DESPRO program (Decentralisation of public services) with activities such as quota and capacity building. And COOF Cambodia highlighted the post-conflict situation as being a key moment to promote women’s participation in decision-making, the need to promote legitimacy and trust into the government after a conflict and SDC’s contribution to the Democratic Development Reform. In the second workshop participants discussed women’s representation and participation in local governance structures. COOF Benin shared their experiences in promoting women’s participation in municipal councils through capacity building of women, awareness-raising among men and women and advocacy in political parties as well as economic empowerment of women. And COOF Tunisia reported about SDC’s programme to support the electoral process in Tunisia and how they increase women’s participation through i.a. awareness campaigns, supporting women’s candidates and capacity building. COOF Bangladesh shared their experiences of women’s political empowerment from the Aparajita programme. This programme builds capacity and confidence among the elected women representatives and empowers them to compete for senior position and to take influence in the decision making processes in local government institutions. The need of affirmative actions such as quota and to include men in all projects was furthermore highlighted in the discussion.

Mozambique: Gender aspects regarding accountability and decentralisation
Further information: Mauricio Sulila

Ukraine: DESPRO - Gender in local governance
Further information: Ludmyla Nestrylay

Video statement: Ukraine (Iiulia Lokshyna)

Cambodia: Promoting gender equality in state building – SDC’s support to Democratic Development Reform
Further information: Rahel Bösch

Benin: Participation of women in municipal councils in Benin  
Further information. Blandine Codja Agossou

Tunisia: Women’s participation in national elections
Further information: Said Zekri

Bangladesh: Aparajita - Political Empowerment of Women, Aparajita Bangladesh
Further information: Sabina Yasmein

Video statement: Cambodia (Rahel Bösch)