SGBV in humanitarian contexts

​SGBV will be one of the four new priority themes of SDC Humanitarian Aid in the new Federal Dispatch on International Cooperation 2017-2020. In a thematic introduction the workshop familiarised participants with this new priority topic, with definition, causes, the legal framework and the widespread invisibility of SGBV in the humanitarian context and how humanitarian actors work on SGBV. Present resource persons from the GBV Area of Responsibility (GBV AoR) explained the work of the AoR and referred to the Call to Action on protection from GBV in emergencies, an international initiative which seeks to strengthen GBV prevention and response from the onset of a crisis. Switzerland is also a partner to the Call to Action. The workshop also included two contributions from the field (Jordan and Haiti) with experiences and challenges to address SGBV and the work of SDC at policy and programming level. Participants discussed the importance of being creative to combine development and humanitarian instruments of SDC and of looking well after staff working on SGBV. 

Thematic introduction: SGBV in humanitarian contexts – a new priority topic of Humanitarian Aid
Further information: Sascha Müller

Jordan: SGBV in Iraq and Syria crisis context. A new topic of SDC/Humanitarian Aid
Further information: Ra’eda Nimrat

Key messages of the workshop: Here