Gender, fragility and violence

The Gender Equality Network has recently undertaken an extensive capitalisation of SDC’s experiences in addressing sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). The new report, drawing on some 15-20 years of experience, was launched on Tuesday evening of the F2F. In two workshop sessions, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation facilitated a discussion of some of the key findings, with inputs from a medica mondiale resource person. The first session focused on understanding and adapting to the local context, the importance of a long-term perspective, the psychosocial approach, and working with men and boys. Presentations were made by the COOFs of Benin and Cambodia as well as by two partners, HEKS/EPER (DR Congo) and IAMANEH (Western Balkans). In the second workshop session, discussions focused on the role of the government, the security and justice sector as well as the role of civil society in responding to SGBV. Presentations by the COOFs of Bolivia and the DR Congo as well as by the partner IAMANEH served as the basis for discussions. SDC is currently supporting programmes directly addressing SGBV in 12 different countries, with a total financial volume of over CHF 10 million per annum. Both workshop sessions provided an opportunity to discuss how SDC can make best use of its knowledge and experience on the topic, and how to make a more systematic link between addressing SGBV and working in fragile contexts, where the prevalence of SGBV can be particularly high.

SGBV Report: Capitalising SDC experiences addressing SGBV (presentation), Report SGBV
Further information: Jane Carter

Benin: Prevention of SGBV and support of victims. Contributions of SDC Benin
Further information: Blandine Codija Agossou

Cambodia: Pka Sla Krom Angkar. Forced marriages under Khmer Rouge Regime, Film Pka Sla Krom Angkar
Further information: Channisai Muong

HEKS/EPER: Preventing and responding to SGBV in conflicts. Psychosocial support for victims of SGBV in DR Congo
Further information: Rahel Hürzeler

IAMANEH: Western Balkans. SGBV Response, Work with Perpetrators, Cooperation with State Institutions, Working with Men & Boys
Further information: Maja Loncarevic

Bolivia: Anti-violence local networks, Film Cosas de ciudadanos y ciudadanas
Further information: Mila Reynolds

DR Congo: Condensation of presentation Great Lakes (in French)
Further information: Aziza Aziz-Suleyman

Video statements: Launch of the SGBV Report (Jane Carter (Helvetas), Maja Loncarevic (IAMANEH) and Gurcharan Virdee (Medica Mondiale)), Aziza Aziz-Suleyman (SDC Psychosocial Programme Great Lakes)

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