SDC Gender Equality Network

The SDC Gendernetwork is one of the thematic networks at SDC. Its mandate is to develop norms and policies and provide a platform to share learnings and experiences, exchange information and build capacities. The Gendernetwork also monitors SDC 's compliance with the SDC Gender Policy.

The SDC Gendernetwork is coordinated and facilitated by the SDC Gender Focal Point: Ursula Keller

Network members

  • The thematic gender contact persons of all divisions and sections of the Regional Cooperation and the Global Cooperation Domain
  • The thematic gender contact persons at the Swiss Cooperation Offices
  • Selected partner organizations and NGOs


dgroup of the Network

Aims of the Network

  • to promote the implementation of the SDC Gender Equality Policy
  • to support gender mainstreaming in operational activities
  • to build thematic and methodological capacities
  • to capitalize SDC gender experience at all levels
  • to assure the quality of gender equality mainstreaming at all levels of SDC operations and in its cooperation with partners

Activities of the Network


  • Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies, University of Bern
  • Bridge, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, Brighton
  • The Graduate Institute (IHEID), Geneva
  • Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Gender & Social Equity
  • Social Institution and Gender Index (SIGI), OECD Development Centre, Paris
  • OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), Gendernet
  • Learn4dev, Gender Expert Group
  • UN Women, New York