Gender, fragility & rural economic development

​In this workshop participants reflected on the integration of gender in PSG 4 (Economic foundations) and its relevance for the SDG5 on gender equality. COOFs from Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Mongolia and Lao presented findings of their gender assessments. They provided a deep insight into the crucial contribution of women to rural development and the gendered division of labour. The gender assessment though also revealed the restricted access of women to productive resources and decision making, the lack of capacities and sex-disaggregated data as well as the mere absence of the different needs of women and men in national development strategies and planning. As a way forward, participants discussed factors how gender can be integrated in strategic planning and how this can contribute to the reduction of fragility: Through capacity building, gender mainstreaming and gender-responsive budgeting, the collection of data, promoting meaningful participation of women, recognition of women’s contribution, working with different partners and addressing gender stereotypes.

Kyrgyzstan: Gender scoping study for small and medium enterprise development
Further information: Elena Zakirova

Georgia: Gender assessment of agriculture and local development systems
Further information: Tamuna Tsivtsivadze

Mongolia: Gender analysis in pastoral livestock herding
Further information: Erdenasaikhan Nyamjav

Lao: Gender baseline survey in the agricultural sector
Further information: Phothong Siliphong

Findings from the discussion: Gender assesment, Strategic planning, Gender & fragility

Video statement: Mongolia (Erdenasaikhan Nyamjav)