Sep 30
Contribute to the next edition Water Integrity Global Outlook (WIGO) edition, due in 2021 !

Dear colleagues,

The Water Integrity Network (WIN) is calling all interested water and sanitation sector stakeholders to contribute to the next edition Water Integrity Global Outlook (WIGO) edition, due in 2021.

Please share the message with your contacts/partners/network who might contribute to the upcoming publication (international organizations, government and regulatory agencies, academic and research institutes, service providers, civil society organizations, associations, and others).

The Water Integrity Global Outlook 2016 (WIGO 2016) demonstrated a growing recognition of the need for measures to improve integrity and to eliminate corruption to enhance performance in the water and sanitation sector. It emphasized the use of transparency, accountability, participation, and anti-corruption measures (TAPA) to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 on water and sanitation. WIGO 2016 also demonstrated the need for stronger data and evidence on the extent and impacts of corruption in the sector to guide the development and implementation of pro-integrity/anti-corruption programs.

WIGO will be established as a regular publication, which will become a medium for collecting and sharing evidence, knowledge, experiences, ideas, policy options, and good practices on improving integrity in the water sector. Each upcoming volume of the WIGO will unpack the concept of water integrity within the context of new selected theme. The next WIGO, focusing on integrity in urban water and sanitation, will be published in 2021. WIN is looking to collaborate on new research, case studies, and data collection initiatives on corruption and integrity in urban water and sanitation.

Contributions should show:

  • Data, information and/or research on corrupt practices in urban water and sanitation and on the financial and socio-economic costs
  • Cases and testimonies on how organizations, governments, private sector, civil society or other actors are acting to prevent or take action against corruption and improve integrity in service delivery in urban areas (cities, peri-urban areas and informal settlements)
  • Publications and material on water integrity, urban anti-corruption work or urban water governance, references to relevant literature
  • Suggestions on other individuals/organizations WIN could contact for further information

Please find attached to this email a document with further information on WIGO 2021, guidelines on what kind of contributions are we seeking and how to share them with us or engage with us. We invite you to read it and write back to WIN by Wednesday, October 16th, 2019.   Virginia Roaf.


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