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Join and participate in the RésEAU!

​If you are interested in joining the RésEAU and your work is related to SDC-activities (will need to be proven), please register in the RésEAU online community or contact the Network Focal Point: Daniel Maselli

Joining the RésEAU means that you will be included in the RésEAU mailing list and receive all communication within the RésEAU: information from the Focal Point, invitations to RésEAU events and activities, messages from other RésEAU members and the quarterly newsletter (SDC Water News).

Share your News, announce your Event, inform on your project, discuss with other network members

The RésEAU offers different channels for you to share information with the RésEAU community:

  • Mailing list dgroups: As member of the RésEAU you can contact all the other members by sending an email to Ask questions or share documents, experiences, or ideas. Perhaps your question will trigger an interesting discussion and will be available for future reference – the archive of all past discussions can be accessed on

  • News & Events: You can share your news or announce your event. Send your announcement to the Focal Point Daniel Maselli and we will publish it on News & Ev​ents on the Shareweb and also send a notification email (RésEAU Updates) to all members.

  • SDC RésEAU Brief series: A medium to share SDC’s learnings from water related projects and programmes at the global level. If you have a suggestion for a topic or expertise to bring in, contact the Focal Point Daniel Maselli ​.

  • SDC Water Blog: You can write an article on the blog on the Shareweb. Anything is possible here, contact the Focal Point Daniel Maselli with your idea.

  • Resources: Contribute your documents, videos or pictures to the resources section of the Shareweb. Again, contact the Focal Point Daniel Maselli if you have something to share.

Participate in the RésEAU face to face meetings

Participate in the Global Water Team Days or in one of the events organised by the regional Sub-RésEAUs. You will find announcements of these meetings in the New​s & Events section.​