RésEAU - SDC's water network

RésEAU - SDC's water network


Guidelines on Water 2022-25

The Guidelines on Water 2022–25 substantiate the principles of the Foreign Policy Strategy 2020−23 and the IC Strategy 2021−24 in relation to the foreign policy thematic priority of water. The structure is framed by the five key objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. The guidelines are part of the third level of the cascade of core foreign policy documents. They are primarily aimed at the FDFA but may also provide guidance for other departments and actors.

Guidelines on Water 2022-25
Lignes directrices sur l'eau 2022-2025
Leitlinien Wasser 2022-2025
Linee guida sull'acqua 2022-2025.pdf


RésEAU Brief

Water: turning the risk of conflict into an opportunity for cooperation and peace

RésEAU Brief no.6, April 2024​
It is with great pleasure that we present the sixth edition of the RésEAU Brief series, a medium to share SDC’s learnings from water-related projects and programmes at the global level. 

This edition addresses water as a vector for peace. 
Water is a vital element, not only in the fight against poverty but also for peace and political stability. In the future, as the World Resource Institute states, water will be of more geopolitical importance than any other resource, including crude oil, with demand set to rise more than 50% by 2030.  Against the backdrop of these challenges, this RésEAU shares project experiences and tools to approach as a vector for peace, including strategies that can be
used to strengthen cooperation on water at different levels.
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​Blue Peace

Blue Peace​ is a growing global movement and is the heart of SDC's water strategy. It aims to develop a culture of peace and preserve precious freshwater resources, while achieving equitable and sustainable use of water across boundaries, sectors and generations.

As one of its strongest tools, the Blue Peace Index assesses management of shared water resources across five pillars: Policy & legal frameworks, Institutional arrangements & participation, Water management instruments, Infrastructure & financing, and Cooperation.

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