About the RésEAU

About the RésEAU


RésEAU is SDC's water network. It aims at assuring the sector knowledge management within SDC and with its partners.

Download flyer:What is the RésEAU? What are the SubRésEAUs?

The main objectives are:

  • SDC and partner staff apply up-to-date knowledge in their water-related work, are connected and exchange among each other
  • SDC's water profile is strengthened, coherent and trend-setting


RésEAU members

The members of the RésEAU are staff of SDC and its implementation partners active in water related projects. This includes all divisions of SDC: Cooperation with the South, Cooperation with Eastern Europe, Humanitarian Aid and the Global Programme. The RésEAU is also open to other Federal Institutions active in development cooperation for water and their implementation partners, e.g. SECO. The list of members can be accessed on the RésEAU dgroups.

The RésEAU is anchored in the Global Programme Water and the network’s focal point is Daniel Maselli.


The core group

The RésEAU core group is formed by SDC staff in Bern and in partner countries and acts as link to the regions and participates in decision making and planning of activities:  Marc-André Bünzli (HA)André Wehrli (Central Asia), Xenia Kirchhofer (LAC), Kenneth Peralta (LAC), Lucie Leclert (Africa), Cliff Hammer (Western Balkans), Mufleh Aref-Haza Alalaween (MENA), Daniel Maselli (Global).

The RésEAU's main networking instruments

  • Water Team Days, a global face to face meeting every two years

  • Shareweb: the network knowledge and exchange platform

  • RésEAU Updates: frequent up-dates on news and events on the Shareweb and via email notification

  • SDC Water News: a quarterly newsletter with project updates

  • Virtual exchange through webinars and e-discussions


The Sub-RésEAUs

The Sub-RésEAUs are regional sub-networks under the global RésEAU that focus on specific regions where SDC is working. The idea of regional sub-networks is that networking within a region can complement networking on global level by allowing more efficient exchange on a more detailed and targeted level.