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RésEAU Brief 4 Why political economy matters in the water sector
RésEAU Brief 4 Annex -​ Key questions to guide a Political Economy Analysis in the water sector
RésEAU Brief 3 - Developing sustainable rural markets for resilient sanitation: lessons from Bangladesh
RésEAU Brief 2 - Promoting Social Water Entrepreneurship
RésEAU Brief 1 - Water: the key to sustainable food systems globally


Dear colleagues,

The fourth edition of the RésEAU Brief series focuses on how to thoroughly and systematically consider political
and economic factors when designing and implementing water projects and programmes. This is because water
challenges do not only arise from a lack of resources, technical capacities, or infrastructure, but are often rooted in hidden dynamics of power and economics.

The multiple and often competitive or conflictual interests of diverse stakeholders impact on water management.
They may hamper an inclusive, equitable and transparent approach and respective solutions. This is where a Political Economy Analysis (PEA) can help unpack the ‘black box’ of hidden power structures and interests to help achieve the desired impact of development cooperation.

Being politically smart(er) provides water professionals withthe fund amental understanding for durable solutions that address the root causes of inequalities and dysfunctional governance. PEA helps to better address complex interrelations and to be more strategic, pragmatic, and realistic in the design and implementation of programmes.​

In order to design interventions in the water sector that build on a deeper understanding of the power dynamics,
interests, and incentives of stakeholders, offices of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in Central Asia embarked on a Learning Journey on PEA in 2022, aiming at:
• building a common understanding of PEA, its added value and utility in Project Cycle Management; and
• discovering best practices and concrete examples of its application in the water sector.

By sharing concrete examples and tips for water practitioners, we hope to motivate many to embark on a similar
effort and journey. We are fully convinced that this will elevate your water efforts to another level of sustainability and positively impact those most in need and often left behind.​

Read the full Brief here: RésEAU Brief 4 - Why politcal economy matters in the water sector

Daniel Maselli, SDC RésEAU Focal Point
Lisa Gampp, SDC Regional Water and Climate Change Advisor for Central Asia
Andreas Weber, SDC Programme Officer Peace, Gove​rnance, Equality
Julie Smolnitchi & Elodie Feijoo, Editors RésEAU Brief and backstoppers to the RésEAU​​