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​Case Studies on Urbanization ​

A focus of the first year of the learning journey​ was put on different case studies in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Haiti​ and Laos. These case studies provided inputs and reflections for the elaboration of new cooperation strategies and for a possible adaptation of project portfolios. Similarly, references to relevant scientific inputs have been collected.


Bolivia Country Study on Urban Development Opportunities

SDC Bolivia (Consultant: Roberto Tejada Ponce), April 2017


Étude pour l'intégration des questions urbaines dans la stratégie pays de la DDC en Haïti

Présentée par Clémentine Tribouillard & Sofiane Karroum, DDC, 8 mai 2017


Urban and Peri- Urban Development Dynamics in Ethiopia

SDC (Consultant: Efrem Amdework Tesfaunegn), May 2017


Urbanisation processes in the Lao PDR​​

SDC (Consultant: Center for Development and Environment, University of Bern) 


Original location of files:  Learning Journey Urban-Rural Dynamics, in AFS Shareweb.​

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