Tools and Templates for BAs


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Tools & Templates for Beneficiary Assessment (BA)

​​Here you will find a variety of resources to help you plan and implement a BA. They cover initial planning (inception report, budgeting, terms of reference for facilitators and co-facilitators, roles and responsibilities, process description) as well as early stages of implementation (field testing, facilitator and co-training). Some also cover the overall process of a BA (How-to Note). The templates are in MSWord 2013 format for ease of adaptation to your own BA context.*

The later stages of a BA (e.g. the field research, validation workshop and reporting) will need to be designed for each specific BA context, but the tools and templates should give you a good foundation on which to build these aspects.


​​BA Tools


SDC How-To Note on Beneficiary Assessment

Cathy Shutt, IDS / Laurent Ruedin, SDC, May 2013

How-To Note on BA (PDF, 726 KB)

Annexes 1-9 (PDF, 3.61 MB)


BA Roles and Responsibilities Description



BA Guide - The Farmers’ Participatory Evaluation FPE

A methodological guide to evaluate the effect and impact of technological development.

Download Report (PDF, 9.31 MB, EN, SP, FR)


Metodología para la Valoración Participativa de Impacto (VPI) del Programa ATICA

Intercooperation / ATICA, February 2003

Download Report (PDF, 412 KB, SP)


​​BA Templates


BA Budget Template

[SDC download] [EXTERNAL download]


BA Field Testing Logistics and Description Template

[SDC download] [EXTE RNAL download]


BA Inception Report Template

[SDC download] [EXTERNA L download]


BA Process Description Template

[SDC download] [EXTERNAL download]


BA Roles and Responsibilities Template

[SDC download]


BA Training Template

[SDC download] [EX TERNAL download]


Co-Facilitator BA TOR Template

[SDC download] [EXTERNAL download]


Facilitator BA TOR Template

[SDC download] [EXTERNAL download]



*If you have any trouble opening the documents, please contact for assistance.