Water policy and advocacy

Water policy and advocacy



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With the aim to build awareness on and mitigate the risks and impacts of a global water crisis, foster inclusive and efficient management and use of water resources, as well as promote water quality and increased sustainability of water and sanitation services, SDC participates in policy discussions both at international fora and through global networks (WSP, GWP, WSSCC, SIE, WIN). At the country level, this policy engagement translates into supporting the development of local capacities, promoting progress in sector policy reforms and triggering a growing national commitment to global advocacy for a united, coherent and visible water sector.

By sharing experience and knowledge within the Swiss sector community, promoting common positions on global issues (e.g. on the inclusion of a water goal into the post-2015 sustainable development agenda) and profiling the Swiss expertise (Aguasan, IDANE Wasser, Swiss Water Partnership), SDC enhances the principle of representing Switzerland with one voice in the international sector debates and summits.

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