Event Series - 21 March / 24 April / 30 May 2024

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Tackling the triple planetary crisis - Solutions for sustainable development

The triple planetary crisis interlinking climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution, forms an increasing burden for achieving the SDGs. As highlighted through a Joint Statement of the Presidents of UNFCCC COP27, CBD COP15, and UNCCD COP15 published in November 2023, “there is no pathway to achieving our goals on climate, biodiversity or land without tackling them together”. This has also been acknowledged in both the upcoming International Cooperation Strategy 2025-2028 and the Foreign Policy Strategy of Switzerland 2024-2027, which both include a specific target on the environment and climate.

Biodiversity loss is much more than an environmental problem – it is an urgent development challenge undermining the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and demanding an engaged response from the entire development community.

A healthy biosphere, with a rich biodi​versity and    functioning ecosystems, is the foundation to achieve    the societal and economic goals of the SDGs.   
Source: Stockholm Resilience Centre  

In this event series, we will embark on a learning journey to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services for international cooperation beyond nature conservation.
We will gain an overview of global and local biodiversity aspects, of relevant global biodiversity frameworks and initiatives, hear from experience and concrete projects in international cooperation as well as learn about practical tools to integrate biodiversity-related considerations into development projects. A special focus will be on discussing and developing innovative solutions and recommendations for SDC and its partners.

The learning journey will be framed through three dedicated events as follows:

  1. First session, Thursday 21st March, 10:00-12:00 (CET)
    Framing the crises, global frameworks and funding vehicles
  2. Second session, Wednesday, 24th April, 10:00-12:00 (CEST)
    Experiences from the fields, good practices, gaps.
  3. Third session, Thursday, 30th May, 10:00-12:00 (CEST)
    Going practical - how to's, tools and way forward.

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These events are open to all, invitations being sent out to the three SDC green networks : Climate, DRR and Environment, Agriculture & Food Systems, and the Rés’EAU. Feel free to share further as deemed fit.
We look forward to getting together to discuss, exchange, and build forward !  

Your networks focal points,
André Wehrli (CDE) & Stephanie Piers (AFS).


Session 1 – Setting the scene (21.03.2024) :