​​​​Climate, DRR and Environment are core themes of the SDC. Informed by the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and aligned to the Paris Agreement​ as well as the Sustainable Development Goals, SDC concentrates its activities on the following lines of action:​


Implementing targeted

Integrating Climate, DRR and
Environment in development activities​​

Influencing international policy
The SDC assists partner countries (through governments, civil society, communities, the private sector and international org​anisati​​​ons) by implementing targeted projects and programmes​ to tackle Climate, DRR and Environment, and supporting national strategies and initiatives. 

Climate, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction is mainstreamed​ ​within the SDC and is systematically integrated into development and humanitarian programmes and projects of all sectors, to risk-proof the projects and add value by greening development activities.

​The SDC infl​uences the international Climate and DRR finance, and policy systems at regional ​and global level, aiming at pro-poor climate and risk governance.​

  ​SHA Expert Group
T​​he Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA) has a DRR and Environment expert group which provides specialists in risk management, food security, livelihoods and natural resources, and haz​​ardous material and waste management for the SDC’s own programmes and project​s as well as secondments to partner organisations. The expert group DRR and Environment​ closely collaborates with the SDC DRR Network and supports its activities with expertise. (Closed User Group, internal link for EDA members).​
​Regional DRR/RR Hubs
The SDC set up Regional DRR and Rapid Response (RR) Hubs in ​Bangkok, Thailand and Lima, Peru. From these hubs, DRR experts support the mainstreaming of DRR in the SDC’s development programmes in the region, contribute to partners’ DRR projects, participate in policy dialogues on DRR and on humanitarian issues in general, and in case of a disaster, they are rapidly involved in Switzerland’s response, taking advantage of their existing relationships with national and regional partners.