SDC Agriculture and Food Security Network

Monitoring systems and result reporting in the domain "Agriculture and Food Security" of SDC Country StrategiesMonitoring and Result Reporting in A&FS

Guidance for the operationalization of country strategies

This "GPFS - At Work" paper by SDC's Global Programme Food Security is based on results of an in-depth analysis of country strategies, result frameworks and annual reports carried out by the A+FS Network. It provides conceptual support and guidance to the operationalization of country strategies including agriculture and food security as a domain of cooperation. more »

Newsletter A+FS and e+i / September 2015Newsletter A+FS and e+i / September 2015

Read the first joint Newsletter of the A+FS and e+i networks

As many subjects are of common interest, the A+FS Network now publishes its Newsletter together with the Employment and Income Network. Members' articles about cash transfers, farmer to farmer video and home gardening are complemented by the latest news on agriculture and food security, vocational skills, private sector and financial sector development." more »

SDC's Agriculture and Food Security Portfolio

Get an overview of SDC's activities in A+FS

The SDC Global Programme Food Security has published an updated overview of SDC activities in the field of Agriculture and Food Security. The document informs about thematic priorities and main partners and it provides statistical data on disbursements and a special focus on nutrition. more »

About the SDC Agriculture and Food Security Network

The SDC Agriculture and Food Security Network provides a knowledge exchange platform for all development practitioners with links to the activities of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in the area of Agriculture and Food Security. Membership is open to SDC staff and representatives of SDC partner institutions.

The A+FS Network seeks to enhance the effectiveness of SDC operations in the field by improving the availability and use of knowledge.

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