Swiss Forum on Rural Advisory Services (SFRAS)

SFRAS is an informal group of experts from Swiss development, research, education and private sector organisations, who are involved in Rural Advisory Services (RAS) in developing countries.


  • exchange and learn from each other, particularly on good practices and tools in RAS;
  • have space for networking among members of different institutions (public, private, NGOs);
  • coordinate advocacy and lobbying on RAS in order to keep it high on the agenda in international cooperation.


The thematic meetings are hosted in rotation by different organisations and are open to representatives of organisations and to individuals interested and engaged in RAS.

Next Meeting:
6 December 2023, 09-12:00, (host: SDC, Zollikofen)

24 May 2023, hybrid (host: Biovision, Zürich)
Topic: Participation & Design Thinking in RAS

30 November 2022, hybrid (host: Syngenta Foundation)
Topic: Agroecology & Agroforestry in RAS II

24 August 2022, hybrid (host: Helvetas)
Topic: Agroecology & Agroforestry in RAS I

1 December 2021, online (host: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation)
Topic: Raising the voice of framers in RAS

20 May 2021, online
Topic: Nutrition Sensitive RAS - Insights from SFRAS Members

10 December 2020, online

Main Topic: Opportunities and challenges of digital rural advisory services

26 February 2020, at Max Havelaar in Zurich

Main Topic: Contract farming and Rural Advisory Services

14 May 2019, at FiBL in Frick

Main Topic: Climate Resilient Agriculture

29 October 2018 (online): Inspirational Webinar – SFRAS Advocacy Strategy

12 April 2018, 9.15-12am, at Caritas in Lucerne
Main topic: Effectiveness of farmer organisations / SFRAS’ key policy messages for GFRAS annual meeting


Further Reading related to SFRAS advocacy positioning:

26 October 2017: SFRAS Meeting at BFH-HAFL in Zollikofen

Main topic: Youth for RAS – RAS for Youth

22 March 2017: SFRAS Meeting at Biovision in Zurich

Main topic: Private Sector Engagement in RAS

30 November 2016: SFRAS Meeting at SDC in Bern
Main topic: Learning Journey on Land Governance (SDC)

30 March 2016: SFRAS Meeting at Swisscontact in Zürich

Main topic: Roles and capacities of farmer cooperatives in RAS

5 November 2015: SFRAS Meeting at HEKS in Zürich
Main topic: Human Rights Based Approach and Rural Advisory Services  

13 May 2015: SFRAS Meeting at Agridea in Lausanne
Topics: RAS in Switzerland / Lessons from SDC F2F Workshop in Vietnam on RAS


31 October 2014: SFRAS Meeting at SDC in Bern
Topics: ICT and private sector in RAS / Feedback from GFRAS Annual Meeting

16 April 2014:SFRAS Meeting at Caritas in Lucern
Communication with small scale farmers on agricultural knowledge transfer

23 September 2013: SFRAS Event at GFRAS Annual Conference in Berlin

Topic: „Embedded Services as a Modality for Sustainable RAS“

4 April 2013: SFRAS Meeting at Helvetas Swiss Intercooperatin in Zürich
Key topic: Preparation of SFRAS contribution to the Annual Meeting of GFRAS 

19 November 2012: SFRAS Meeting at Syngenta Foundation in Basel
Focal topic: The specific role of the private sector in pluralistic RAS systems

8 December 2011: SFRAS Meeting, at Agridea in Lindau
Focal topic: Measuring Impact of RAS

9 March 2011: SFRAS Meeting at Nestlé Headquarters in Vevey  

23 April 2010: Swiss Dialogue on Agricultural Advisory Services at SHL in Zollikofen

If you would like to be kept informed about activities of SFRAS, contact the focal point:
Stefanie Kägi, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation:

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SFRAS Contact

David Bexte,
HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation,