Empowering and Decentralizing Local Government Institutions (LGI) to manage Hygiene, Sanitation and Water Supply service Delivery in hard-to-reach areas of Bangladesh (2nd phase)

Based on the learnings from the first phase, the second project phase focuses on enhancing capacities of local government institutions, particularly Union Councils, to manage WASH service delivery in an effective, accountable, transparent and inclusive manner for people in need. The project is running in the southern coastal region of Bangladesh where saline intrusion in ground water is a major problem. 350,000 Women, men and disadvantaged people from the project areas will benefit from this phase. The 3-year programme is funded by SDC, implemented by HYSAWA.


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SDC Division: South Cooperation

Country: Bangladesh

Duration: 2017-2020

Project website: www.hysawa.org

Project summary: SDC Project database

Contact: Md. Nurul Osman


 Key results and products       

HYSAWA case studies: Hygiene, Sanitation, Water Supply

HYSAWA Annual Report 2018