RésEAU - SDC's water network

RésEAU - SDC's water network



​World Water Week - Check out the sessions with SDC's participation

A detailed list with organizers, panelists etc. is available here: ResEAU_Special News World Water Week 2021.pdf

​23rd August 2021

24th August 2021
25th August 2021
13:00-14:00 CET   Water as a driver of sustainable recovery in Central Asia 

26th August 2021
>>> To register free-of-cost: https://www.worldwaterweek.org/tickets <<<

Results of the RésEAU member survey

​​Learn more about the results of the RésEAU survey and their impact on the activities of the network in the animated diaporama:

​Blue Peace

Blue Peace is a growing global movement and is the heart of SDC's water strategy. It aims to develop a culture of peace and preserve precious freshwater resources, while achieving equitable and sustainable use of water across boundaries, sectors and generations.

As one of its strongest tools, the Blue Peace Index assesses management of shared water resources across five pillars: Policy & legal frameworks, Institutional arrangements & participation, Water management instruments, Infrastructure & financing, and Cooperation.

10th anniversary of the RésEAU

10 stories for 10 years of RésEAU: The latest video ​introduces Daniel Maselli, the new RésEAU Focal point and Senior Policy Advisor at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Bern

Publications (more publications, videos and images)

Programme Framework 2021-24​, Global Programme Water



Portfolio 2021, Global Programme Water

Trend Sheet #2 On thin ice – adapting water resources management to climate change effects on the mountain cryosphere