Water and Sanitation Project Moldova ApaSan


Water and Sanitation Project Moldova

SDC started to support the water sector in Moldova in 2001 with a humanitarian aid intervention. Since 2008, SDC and the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) are funding the ApaSan project, which is implemented by Skat Consulting Ltd.. The ApaSan project combines policy influencing, institutional strengthening and support to infrastructure development with the aim to enable Moldovan institutions at all levels to better respond to the needs for water supply and sanitation services of the rural population, including the most vulnerable.

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SDC Division: Cooperation with Eastern Europe

Country: Moldova

Duration: 2008-2019  

Project website: www.apasan.md

Project summary: SDC Project database

Contact: Victor Gaina (SDC), Florian Klingel (Skat)

Key results and products

Guidebook for the implementation of decentralized water supply systems in Moldova (Skat, 2014)

Guide: Options for the improvements of Sanitation in rural areas in Moldova (Moldovan Education and Health ministries, 2018, Eng)

Guide: Options for the improvement of sanitation in rural schools in Moldova (Moldovan Education and Health ministries, 2018, Ro, Ru)

Code of Practice in Construction of Urine Diverting Dry Toilets (Ministry for Regional Development and Construction, 2016, Ro/Ru)

Guideline for Use of Products from Institutional Ecosan Toilets for Crop Cultivation in Moldova (Skat, 2012, Eng, Ro, Ru)  

WASH in Schools – Case Moldova (Skat, 2015)

Guideline to elaborate Water Supply and Sanitation Plan (Ministry of Environment, April, 2014,Ro)

Concept note for implementing a water supply and sanitation plan for the entire territory of the Rebublic of Moldova (Skat, 2017)

World Bank Country Note on Moldova (WB, 2018)

Description of the Moldovan Water and Sanitation Community of Practice (Skat, 2017)