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The Network is facilitated by the Migration Focal Point and steered by SDC Core Group on Migration. 

​Focal Point

​Muriel Gschwend
SDC Focal Point Migration​
+41 58 46 54534​, Freiburgstrasse 130, CH-3003 Berne​

​Core Group​​​
​Yvonne Dial​lo​
SDC Humanitarian Aid 
​Christophe Middleton
SDC Humanitarian Aid
​Armin Ullman
SDC Humanitarian Aid 
​Samuel Roches
SDC South Cooperation 
​Patricia Pfister
SDC South Cooperation
​Julien Peissard
SDC South Cooperation
​​Cyril Prissette
SDC South Cooperation
​Patricia Barandun
SDC Eastern Cooperation 

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