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Media initiative on fair migration in the Middle East

The media initiative on fair migration in the Middle East is a learning program targeting media professionals in the Arab States that was developed by the ILO and Panos Europe Institute under the ILO’s MAGNET project supported by SDC/GPMD. A number of national workshops, an inter-regional meeting of editors from South Asia and the MENA region in addition to a regional consultative meeting were carried out, bringing together experienced journalists, human rights activists and trade unionists to discuss concrete actions that can be taken within the framework of this media initiative.
Yvonne Diallo-Sahli, SDC Migration Network, Focal Point, SDC Bern

Training of Labour Inspectors of the Ministry of Labour of Qatar, 24-26 May 2015

Pascal Raess, Regional Advisor, Migration and Development, SDC Regional Office in Amman

Al Hassan Workers’ Centre in Jordan

Ayeh Maraqa, National Programme Officer on Migration and Development, SDC, Jordan

Enjeux pastoralisme et accès aux services sociaux à l'exemple de l'éducation

Mary Luce Fiaux Niada, Conseillère Education/Formation Afrique de l’Ouest, DDC Bénin

Morocco’s migration policy and links with West Africa

Professor Mohamed Berriane, Mohammed V University– Rabat

Le MICRCR s’engage pour la protection des migrants.

Fernand Azonnanon, Point Focal, Projet "Droits des migrants en action, Croix-Rouge Béninoise

​​​Le Réseau Afrique de l’Ouest pour la protection des enfants – Objectifs, résultats et perspectives

[Available in English]
La mission principale du Réseau Afrique de l’Ouest pour la protection des enfants -RAO- (1) est la protection transnationale et la réinsertion sociale, éducative et professionnelle des enfants vulnérables et des jeunes migrants qui se déplacent entre les pays de cette région. Read more »
Olivier Geissler, SERVICE SOCIAL INTERNATIONAL, Fondation suisse (Genève)
Dr Djibril FALL, SERVICE SOCIAL INTERNATIONAL, Représentant en Afrique de l’Ouest

Le role de la recherche pour comprendre les realites de la mobilite en Afrique

Ecoutez les témoignages de Abou-Bakari Imorou de LASDEL concernant l'importance de la recherche pour informer les politiques dans le contexte des migrations. Learn more »
Abou-Bakari Imorou

Are businesses fit to compete in the global competition for skills?

[Disponible en Français]
Strengthening public-private dialogue to rethink labor migration policies and international skills mobility in the framework of the GFMD
The Turkish GFMD chair and Switzerland co-hosted a Business Meeting on the global competition for skills and international mobility on the 15/16 of May in Istanbul. It brought together decision-makers of global businesses as well as migration policy-makers from various governments to discuss opportunities for innovative policy-making on skills matching, recruitment mechanisms and labour migration regulations. Read more »
Bettina Etter, Program Officer, GPMD, GPMD/SDC, Bern


Promouvoir des approches M&D auprès des acteurs locaux en Afrique de l’Ouest – Activités Pilotes de HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation au Bénin


[Available in English]

Tenant compte de l’importance de la mobilité à l’échelle régionale et nationale, Helvetas Bénin travaille à l’intégration de l’approche Migration & Développement dans son programme. Les premières études ont permis de confirmer la pertinence de la migration dans les zones d’intervention et de circonscrire les problématiques clés. Sur la base de ces premières analyses, Helvetas a débuté une série d’activités pilotes afin de favoriser une meilleure compréhension et prise en compte de la migration et ses implications par l’ensemble des acteurs locaux. Read more »

Pascal Fendrich, Conseiller sur M&D, Helvetas, Bern
Anja Seiler, Chargée d’Etude M&D, Helvetas, Parakou, Bern

Regional Workshop on Migration and Development, Ouidah/Benin, 1 – 4 June 2015  


[Disponible en Français]


Development in West Africa – the role of human mobility. During a regional workshop on Migration and Development in West Africa held 1 – 4 June 2015, over 50 participants engaged in fruitful discussions on key themes of migration and development, including integrating mobility and migration into development planning and interventions (and development aspects into migration policies), the protection of migrant workers’ rights and patterns related to the linkages between West Africa and North Africa. Read more »

Yvonne Diallo-Sahli, SDC Migration Network, Focal Point, SDC Bern

Switzerland participates in labour migration discussions of the 15th Doha Forum

Switzerland is stepping up its efforts in working with the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) in Qatar on cooperation in the field of migration, development and human rights. In the context of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two organizations, SDC was invited by NHRC to contribute to the 15th edition of the Doha Forum on 11-13 May 2015. This Forum brings together leaders from public and private sectors to discuss current political, economic and social priorities. Read more »



CTRS – Leçons apprises après la première année de mise en œuvre du projet
CTRS – Erkenntnisse nach dem ersten Jahr Projektumsetzung

Par Lukas Rüst, Ambassade de Suisse à Tunis

Including the private sector – filling the empty seat at the table


Supporting Diaspora engagement in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) – learning from best practices

By Bettina Etter, Program Officer, GPMD/SDC, Bern


First National Migration Dialogue took place in Nigeria in December 2014

Serge Oumow, Regional Advisor on M&D, SDC Cotonou​

Civil Society in Sri Lanka strengthens its capacity to advocate for migrant workers' rights

By Benil Thavarasa, Program Officer, SDC Colombo


























Linking public policy dialogue to regional and national experiences

Shabarinath Nair, Regional Advisor on M&D South and SE Asia, SDC Dhaka


























Remittances as private capital for sustainable development

The issue of financing development forms an integral part of the debates on the post-2015 agenda. Implementing the SDGs will require important public and private financial resources. While they should be distinguished from ODA, remittances to people living in developing countries today contribute significantly to sustainable development and available data indicates their steady growth.  In preparation of the third Financing for Development Conference of Addis Ababa in July, this article introduces the key dimensions and policy messages for considering and increasing the development potential of remittances. Read more »
Pietro Mona, Deputy Head, Global Program Migration & Development, SDC Bern

4 ans après - retour sur les apprentissages de l’atelier de préparation au FMMD de 2011 à Taliouine

Près de 4 ans après un premier atelier organisé dans le cadre des préparations du FMMD en 2011, la coopération suisse a appuyé une nouvelle réunion des acteurs clés sur migration et développement au Maroc à Rabat en janvier 2015. Cet atelier a permis de tirer un bilan positif des dynamiques issues de l’atelier de 2011 et de partager des expériences concrètes et bonnes pratiques quant à l’intégration de la dimension migratoire dans le développement local.  Read more »
 Mouloud El-Kamel, Chargé de Programme, SDC Rabat
 Yvonne Diallo-Sahli, SDC Migration Network Focal Point, SDC Bern

Migration and the Media

The ILO and Panos Institute Europe have together launched an initiative to engage substantively with media professionals in the Middle East on the interrelated issues of labour migration and human trafficking. A first objective is to strengthen their understanding of these issues for better coverage. It also seeks to build bridges between the labour movement, human rights organizations, grassroots NGOs and journalists reporting on human and labour rights. Read more »
Hélène Harroff-Tavel, Technical Officer, ILO Geneva

TED Dilip Ratha: The hidden force in global economics: sending money home

TED Global 2014 16:59 minutes
In 2013, international migrants sent $413 billion home to families and friends — three times more than the total of global foreign aid (about $135 billion). This money, known as remittances, makes a significant difference on the lives of those receiving it and plays a major role in the economies of many countries. Economist Dilip Ratha describes the promise of these “dollars wrapped with love” and analyzes how they are stifled by practical and regulatory obstacles.








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