Who we are: our mission and mandate

Who we are: our mission and mandate


Who we are​

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Network on Migration and Forced Displacement brings together staff from SDC country offices and headquarters, implementing partners and other organisations engaged in the migration and forced displacement field around the world. The SDC Network fosters collaboration and sharing of experiences and contributes to professional exchange and institutional learning. It recognizes migration as a global phenomenon that affects societies all over the world bringing opportunities but also challenges. In this sense, the SDC Network promotes a holistic approach to migration encompassing all forms of human mobility and cutting across the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding spectrum.


  1. Strengthen competences of SDC staff and other relevant s​takeholders in the field of migration and forced displacement 
  2. Provide on demand advisory services and support to organisational units to strengthen SDC's operational portfolio and policy work on migration
  3. Support in the development of sector policies and Switzerland's position related to migration related issues
  4. Promote the creation of innovative instruments and approaches in dealing with migration and forced displacement  
  5. Foster knowledge management and organisational learning within SDC and with external partners
  6. Enhance public communication related to the effectiveness of SDC's work in the field of migration