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Global Face2Face Health 2020 "The Private Sector as a partner in Health"

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Face2Face event was cancelled and replaced with the webinar series: "The Private Sector as a Partner in Health: Engagement modalities, limits and perspectives".

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Previous Face2Face events

Regional F2F SENAP 2019 «Innovations for health»

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya, 9th – 12th April 2019


This year’s regional F2F focused on “Innovations for health”. Experiences have shown that innovations in health, and other sectors have played a key role in the decisive advances that saved and improved millions of lives in recent years. To maintain but above all to continue these advances, a clear agenda and vision of innovation is needed in order to fully tap into the potential and human capital available.


However, what is innovation? From a development perspective, an innovation is a new solution with the transformative ability to accelerate impact. Where inadequate practices slow progress, more effective and relevant approaches must be found. The future therefore depends on our ability to innovate to accelerate progress. In this sense, the SENAP division has set itself innovation management as a priority for the period 2018-2019, resulting in various new approaches piloted and initiated in our bilateral work. The regional F2F health builds on these developments and experiences to further increase our impact as well as relevance, by focusing on how as a SONAP team can we use innovation to make health systems more efficient, resilient and sustainable.

Regional Study Tour on Primary Health Care

Venue: Slovenia, January 2019

The Western Balkan Division organized a regional study tour on primary health care in Slovenia between 28.1. -1.2.2019. The objective of the Study Tour was to learn from a country in the region that is a member state in the European Union on the following aspects:

  1. The Public Health System in Slovenia (roles and responsibilities of the different actors, Structure and Financing, decentralization level, regulation) including Public and Private sector

  2. The Health care services at Primary Health Care level with the following aspects: Role of nurses and doctors, management structures, quality assurance, Health Information System/Data, home based care models and dealing with demographic change

  3. The organization and functioning of the integrated care model in remote and urban areas

  4. Health Promotion and Prevention – system in place, financing, results

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Global Face2Face Health 2017 “Making SDC fit for purpose: effective contributions for improved health and wellbeing”

Venue: Versoix/Geneva, Switzerland 6th – 9th November 2017



SDC’s health engagement needs to be made fit for the ambitions of the Agenda 2030, but also for current regional epidemiological trends, transformations of national health systems, global health challenges, as well as current global and national health policy debates. The global F2F meeting aims at sharing experience and generating ideas to adapt SDC’s bilateral and global health engagement to these trends, and explores potential and existing Swiss comparative advantages in health. Moreover, the meeting will aim at enhancing the leverage of national and regional evidence at global policy level – and vice versa - by establishing a synergistic, mutually beneficial link between bilateral and global initiatives.


A reporting including video statements, presentations, summary reports and pictures of participants and the event is available here: www.globalf2fhealth.ch

Regional Face2Face 2016 "Sustainable Financing for Health and HIV/AIDS"

Venue: Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, 8th – 12th May 2016

This year, the East and Southern Africa Division in close cooperation with the SDC health network, organised a regional face-to-face meeting for knowledge sharing and learning in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, from 8-12 May 2016. The aim was to learn, discuss and exchange experiences on Sustainable Financing for Health in the context of Sustainable Development Goals. During three days SDC collaborators provided insights from their bilateral and global projects and policy work. The discussions were enriched by Tanzanian policy makers and health programme managers from different organizations. On the last day, the HIV-AIDS Community of Practice exchanged experiences of HIV-AIDS mainstreaming.


  • From MDGs to SDGs – what are SDC priorities in health?
  • Health Financing – the Tanzanian experience
  • Public Health System structure – Impressions from the field visits
  • Mobilising and allocating resources
  • HIV/AIDS Community of Practice (COP)


A social reporting including video statements, presentations, background papers, working documents and pictures of participants and field visits is available on here. To sign in, use: Name: Documentation and Password: 2016HealthDaressalaam

Regional Face2Face 2015: “Strengthening Health Systems to address Non-Communicable Diseases”

Venue: Bischkek, Kyrgyzstan, 3rd – 5th November 2015

In 2015, SDC’s Cooperation with Eastern Europe in close cooperation with the SDC health Network organized a regional learning event, taking place November 3 – 5 2015 and held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Its aim was to strengthen and improve the knowledge and skills in identifying, planning, monitoring and steering the most appropriate cost-effective interventions aimed at tackling the issues related to the increasing burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). NCDs are the most prominent cause of mortality and morbidity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA).

It was a training opportunity for Swiss Cooperation Offices staff in Eastern Europe and Central Asia working in the health domain, for partners, and for program managers and thematic staff based at HQ. With regards to the key speakers and other resource persons, the regional competencies were used first, in order to promote East-East exchanges and create both dynamics and synergies that could continue beyond the learning event.

For a reporting including video statements, photo slides, background papers and presentations, visit the website.

Face2Face 2014 "Primary Health Care"

Venue: Morges, Switzerland, 7th -11th April 2014

The participants elaborated on different aspects of the PHC approach with international experts through their own experiences in the South and East and through those of our multi and bilateral partners – taking into account where the international and global discussions are leading in health towards the new post 2015 agenda.

The F2F event contributed towards deepening the understanding of the concept, relevance and history of PHC based on the participants’ experience, on inputs of experts as well as on field visits.

The participants …
… developed a common understanding of Primary Health Care;
… discussed their experiences and expectations related to the health network;
… had for exchange of information on health issues within SDC.

Photos, documents, NGO minutes, videos and interviews of the F2F event in the CUG.

Face2Face 2012 "Health Promotion"

Venue: Jongny, Switzerland, 24th – 28th June 2012

The 2012 Face2Face Meeting of the SDC Health Network (F2F) focused on the issue of «Health Promotion».

The main goals of the F2F:

  • A common understanding of health promotion, and its relation to prevention, determinants of health and right to health, is developed;
  • The key success factors, challenges as well as potential for health promotion are identified;
  • The first experiences of the health network are discussed and the future expectations clarified;
  • The participants will be informed about major changes and news of SDC HQ- related to health.


  • Health promotion in the international agenda: from Alma Ata to Rio, continuum and changes.
  • Relevance of Health Promotion for SDC work (bilateral cooperation –projects and sector support- and multilateral).
  • Exposure to concrete health promotion initiatives and meeting with external experts that deal with health promotion.
  • Info from the HQ: SDC health policy, global programme, personnel changes, budget prospect, etc.
  • Health network – first experiences of 'health shareweb' and expectations.

More information in the CUG.

Face2Face 2010 "Social Health Protection"

Venue: Spiez, Switzerland, 6th - 9th July 2010

This year’s Face2Face Meeting of the SDC Health Network focused on Social Health Protection (SHP).
The overall goal of Social Health Protection is to extend coverage of social health insurance and increase effectiveness of the health system. Country presentation on Social Health Protection shall give an overview on the advantages and potentials as well as of the disadvantages and threats of the system and mechanisms specific to our partner countries, in the background of the SDC involvement and experiences.

Objectives of this meeting were:

  • Knowledge about SDC’s health programmes is established through exchange of country experiences.
  • General knowledge about health financing approaches is established and main policy lines for SDC’ engagement on social health protection and next steps are defined.
  • Priority setting of the future SDC health strategic orientation is presented and discussed.
  • Future core activities and topics of the Network are defined.


More information in the CUG.