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M4P Case Study

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​​​ Key Documents

Alain Gibson-Katalyst [15.5 MB]

This document deals with the experience of KATALYST and its partner, Syngenta, an input supplier, in seeking to redress very low production levels of vegetables in the Rangpur region. It highlights the importance of knowledge and information in improving agriculture performance - and the opportunity presented by this – and poses challenges for agencies in how to intervene effectively to stimulate more effective and large-scale market development.

Alexandra Miehlbradt-Katalyst [4.7 MB]

This case study on rural marketing explains how to unlock economic potentials and how to create economic incentives to change the way entrepreneurs work. The study tells how to reach many of the entrepreneurs in an efficient way while asking if it really addresses the structural problems or just symptoms.

[2.9 MB]

This case study is part of a series of case studies which illustrate the potential of the market development approach and the challenges faced in its implementation. This case study shares Katalyst’s experience from 2005 to 2011 in working with relevant public and private sector players to make ICT work for farmers in Bangladesh. It demonstrates how innovative service offers can be delivered to farmers and what actions were taken to instill a greater degree of systemic change in this sector.

Daniel Nippard-Katalyst [46.7 MB]

This case study is part of a series of case studies which illustrate the potential of the market development approach and the challenges faced in its implementation. It presents Katalyst’s experience. This case study is part of a series of case studies which illustrate the potential of the market development approach and the challenges faced in its implementation

Christoph Neusiedl-Swisscontact [9.3 MB]

This publication provides a glimpse into how Katalyst is realising systemic change by making market systems more inclusive. As a result of these systemic changes, private companies are changing their business models as they recognise the vast potential of including small farmers in their customer base, the public sector is fulfilling its role of supporting the poor more effectively by creating conducive enabling environments, and small farmers are ultimately empowered to increase their incomes and improve their livelihoods

Alan Gibson-Springfield Centre [170 kB]
This case study outlines the experience of the FinMark Trust, an organisation formed in 2002 to address the problem of access to financial services. FinMark saw the solution to improved access as engaging better functioning financial markets – with “making (financial) markets work for the poor” (M4P) – and this has been the focus of their work. Their initial experience indicates considerable success, with potentially major implications for financial services interventions globally.
Roel Hakemulder; Andrew Wilson-HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation [1 MB]
This case study was done less than two years after the project started supporting key market actors in the IT sector. It was therefore unlikely to already demonstrate the full eventual impact of the IT firms on jobs for young women and men. Two leading actors of the IT sector in BiH – HUB 387 and Bit Alliance – were used as entry to stimulate broader changes in the sector. The MarketMakers project were able to bring about greater awareness of IT as a career choice and an increasing number of students choosing IT education; improved public-private dialogue for changing perceptions of the IT sector in Government and the growth of trust between the Government and the private sector; and trust and interaction among IT private firms where entrepreneurship and innovation are valued, encouraging small companies and start-ups to grow more aggressively.
Helen Bradbury-DCED [1.3 MB]
The paper focuses on how the impact from development programming can be equitably distributed amongst male and female beneficiaries. It focuses on the Alliances Lesser Caucasus Programme (ALCP) in Georgia and examines how to put gender and Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) into practice in M4P.
Tijana Krsmanovic; Jane Gisin-RDA; Springfield Centre [1.8 MB]
Making the most of Serbia's tourism: The school calendar and the politcal economy for change.
Mihaela Balan, Ben Fowel [1.1 MB]
This case describes how GEMS3 has assessed the results of interventions to improve tax harmonisation, and how they assessed their impact at target enterprise level.

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