Gender and migration dossier

Gender and migration dossier





HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT - Women and girls in internal displacement

By Christelle Cazabat, International Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)

Internal displacement is a development as well as a humanitarian concern. This report presents the first estimates of the number of women and girls living displacement, advocating for tailored support and protection for women and girls.

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Sri Lankan women migrant workers: more risks, more trafficking during COVID-19

By Indraka Ubeysekara, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Sri Lanka

Due to gender dynamics, women and girl migrant workers are more affected by Covid-19 related challenges and limitations such as travel restrictions, curfews and lock downs. This results in additional trafficking risks for them.

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Labour migration, inclusive development, and gender equality: unlocking the potential of women as agents of change in Tunisia’s interior regions

By Hendrik von Schlieben, Cities Alliance, Tunisia

Internal labour migration is a major phenomenon in Tunisia and women experience high levels of unemployment. The discourse on tackling internal migration and unlocking the territorial potential of Tunisia’s interior regions must therefore be linked to women empowerment.

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Labour migration and associated needs in West-Africa


West Africa experiences high internal labour migration, especially of low-skilled or unskilled workers. This article explores the needs faced by those involved in regional labour migration, particularly focusing on professional capacities of female migrant workers. 

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Migrant women as leaders of change

By Jelena Hrnjak with support of Jelena Ribac, NGO ATINA & IOM Belgrade, Serbia

In the last five years, Serbia has experienced large-scale and mixed migration flows. At least 15% of the people migrating are women and children, which find themselves in situations of multifaceted risks and vulnerabilities on their way to Western Europe. 

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A migrant woman’s story

By the Danish Refugee Council

Gender and protection issues, particularly vulnerabilities of female migrants and protection risks for women, are very pertinent in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is one of the most travelled mixed migration routes in the Western Balkans. 

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Insights into the experiences of Girls on the Move in the Balkans

By Sofyen Khalfaoui and Tajana Ristićm, Save the Children

Protecting girls on the move and safeguarding their rights is a pressing need - in the Balkans and everywhere.  The report presents valuable lessons and recommendations to address this need targeting a range of stakeholders, such as governments, authorities and civil society.

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Gender and Migration: ICMPD work in Bangladesh

By Marija Raus and Golda Myra Roma, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)

Bangladeshi female migrant workers are exposed to a broader and a different set of risks than men. The article lays out that gender-based violence, social reintegration and migrant resources centres are important issues to mitigate these risks.

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Lessons Learned by the Work in Freedom Programme

By Igor Bosc, Chief Technical Advisor, Work In Freedom Programme, ILO

The document captures lessons learnt by ILO's Work in Freedom Programme, which is an integrated programme to support mobility by choice among women and girls from source countries (India, Bangladesh and Nepal) to decent jobs with safety and dignity of workers in destination countries (India, Lebanon and Jordan) through fair recruitment processes.

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Using Data Tracking Matrix (DTM) to identify gender specific vulnerabilities and needs of migrants in Haiti

By IOM Haiti

The DTM is a set of tools developed by IOM to collect and analyze data on the mobility, vulnerabilities, as well as to monitor the movement and living conditions of displaced populations. 

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Peace(ful) opportunities: Gender, Migration and Peacebuilding


A reflection on the gender dimension of the peace – migration nexus work conducted by KOFF – the Swiss Platform for Peacebuilding in the framework of a “Joint Learning Process on Peacebuilding & Migration”.

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Gender Mainstreaming in Migration: Overview and Challenges

By Dr. Ankica Tomic (MARRI) and Milica Trpevska (IOM Seconded to MARRI)

This article explores the strong links between gender and migration issues, highlighting their intersection at different stages of the migration cycle. It provides an overview of the distinct gender-related risks and vulnerabilities faced by migrants at different points of their journey and integration. 

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Workshop guidelines: Women in Migration, Development Justice and Government Accountability for SDGs

By Women in Migration Network (WIMN) 

This WIMN workshop was created in March 2016 as a parallel event for the UN Commission on the Status of Women at the inauguration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and only days after the assassination of Berta Caceres, an indigenous environmental justice leader from Honduras. It can be adapted for use in other contexts with credit to Women in Migration

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The Global Compact for Migration: what could it mean for women and gender relations?

By Carolina Gottardo & Paola Cyment, Women in Migration Network

This article examines the process of elaborating the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) from a gender-responsive perspective. The aim is to ensure that women’s and girl’s rights are promoted at all stages of migration.

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Empowering women left behind - The experience of the Safer Migration Project (SaMi) in in Nepal

By Pascal Fendrich, Project Advisor, SaMi, and Roni Pradhan Dhaubhadel, Coordinator, SaMi

The article is based on long-time project work and concludes that despite the benefits of foreign employment, Nepali women migrant workers remain exposed to high risks when working abroad. At the same time, women and girls left behind face a very specific set of challenges. 

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Things are changing: a conversation on migration and development in Sri Lanka

Video interview with Chandula Kumbukage, Helvetas Sri Lanka 

A conversation on current issues, successes and covid-19 impact on migration & development in Sri Lanka. 

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