Common Outcome Indicators

Common Outcome Indicators


Reporting on the results is increasingly gaining on importance, especially in the field of vocational skills development (VSD), where it is difficult to evidence outcomes. However, VSD will only benefit from public support if its effects are credibly demonstrated.

The employment and income network (e+i network) supports VSD reporting efforts with a working aid on Common Outcome Indicators (COI) for:

    • Gainful employment
    • Systemic change
    • Relevance of Training
    • Outreach


The COI strictly focus on the outcome level and do not replace or compete with existing instruments for planning, results measurement and M&E, but aim at simplifying them. Thus, this working aid provides an easy-to-use support instrument for all phases of the project cycle for SDC's VSD programmes. It facilitates the steering of and standardized reporting on SDC programmes.

In addition to the COI working aid there is an Excel-based monitoring grid to gather COI data and an example of the Employment Fund project in Nepal.

COI- Data collection tool

​February 2014 

COI- Working Aid

​February 2014 

COI- Grid Example

​​February 2014​

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