VSD Resource Box

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The online resource box of the e+i network is aimed at staff from SDC and implementing partners who are responsible for Vocational Skills Development projects in the partner countries. The resource box provides users with practical tools and readily-available good practice examples to design, implement, monitor and evaluate projects in the area of VSD. These practical tools, working papers, guidelines, etc. have been elaborated by staff of SDC funded projects in the field, as well as SDC collaborators in the Coordination Offices or at Headquarters responsible for such projects.

Baseline Data M&E Plan M&E System Procurement and Agreements Project Planning Project Design Project Planning Project Identification Situation & Actor Analysis Policy Orientation Project Identification Reporting Systemic Data Collection Leading Team towards Performance Planning and Tracking of Operations Project Implementation Redesign of Project Strategic Communication Impact Assessment Midterm and Final Reviews Project Review and Evaluation


The resource box is structured according to the logic of the Project Cycle Management including project identification, planning, implementation and evaluation. The resource box specifies and supplements SDC's overall Project Cycle Management tools and is linked to ongoing processes of the Quality Assurance Section. For guidance on PCM, please refer to SDC's Project Cycle Management Interactive platform.

The content of the resource box is continuously evolving as additional good practice examples and documents are shared by projects in the field.

Please send your contributions on VSD to schlaepfer@kek.ch​.

For Private Sector Development, a similar resou​rce box has been set up. For Financial Sector Development, you find a manual and case studies on their resource box page.