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SDC Culture and Development Policy

The policy has three parts: Interculturality; support to arts and culture in the SDC's partner countries known as the cultural percent; and the culture programme in Switzerland.  A short video explains its content and illustrates the main parts of the culture programme at the SDC.



Who we are?

We are practitioners committed to tap the potential of arts and culture in our work at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).


F2F in Zürich, 2020​


Why we are here?

Culture matters for development. If you need to get convinced, you can of course look at the many international references anchoring this statement, or simply think about your own experience. What influences more a society's ability to reinvent itself than culture? Who more than artists can lead us to feel and see things differently? What is development cooperation if not an intercultural dialogue? What would our daily life look like without the possibility to enjoy and find food for thoughts in a book, a play, a movie or music - or without the possibility to express ourselves in a creative, symoblic way?

Naturally, culture matters for SDC. SDC has always taken culture into account in its work, and has a long tradition in supporting cultural expressions, especially in their artistic form. In practice, at least 1% of SDC operational budget for programs is used to support culture "in and of" SDC partner countries.

Now beyond facts and statements: how do we at SDC integrate arts and culture in our activites in a way that makes sense and adds value towards our development objectives?

We are here to share good practice, learn from each other, and show how arts and culture make the difference for the people and the world we work for.