The card game Reframing Interculturality is an invitation to engage with and gain a more differentiated understanding of the subject of interculturality in the context of international development cooperation. As such the game aims to create awareness around interculturality, helping players to become sensitized to social diversity (including cultural, linguistic, gender, religious, physical and cognitive diversity). Reframing Interculturality does not attempt to redefine the term, but opens up a space in which players can experience, discuss and potentially redefine their own understanding of it.

The game has been realized with support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC and in close collaboration between Lea Vettiger Moro and the illustrator / graphic designer Leila Merkofer. The game encourages players to work together, elaborate on ideas, be provocative and learn about interculturality in the context of development cooperation. The 38 cards in the game are divided into four categories: tasks to ask, quotes and facts to crack, let's discuss and body of questions.

Get together! ​Invite your work colleagues, university peers or friends. It is best to play the game in a group of four to six people.

We wish you inspiring discussions and playful learning!