Jun 09
Virtual Course: Theories of Change in Fragile Contexts ( 08. – 17. September 2021)

Learn how to develop good Theories of Change and how to make your program more effective in fragile contexts.​

"Theories of change help aid workers and peacebuilders to make their programs more effective, but they are rarely used to their full potential. Creating a detailed logic of intervention helps to identify gaps in programming, highlight assumptions that need to be tested and provide a sound base for strategic choices that can increase impact. This course provides the conceptual background for working with theories of change in fragile contexts and then focuses on how 'good' theories of change can be developed and used by practitioners to gain an in-depth understanding of the change their programs trigger."

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Jun 09
Virtual Course: Communicating Peace & Conflict ( 01 - 04 September 2021)

Join this course organized by Swisspeace to discover trends, challenges, and practices of communicating peacebuilding and related topics!​

"Communicating peace and conflict can be crucial in serving peacebuilding purpose. Traditionally, mass media have been disseminating information that shape public opinion on peace and conflict. Over the past decade, digital technologies have created new opportunities for the inclusion of individuals in communication activities. At the same time, several challenges have emerged, such as issues of confidentiality, credibility, trust, privacy, and security. Course participants will critically reflect on trends, challenges, and practice of communicating peacebuilding."​

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Apr 19
30 Jahre Friedensengagement im EDA
30 Jahre Friedensengagement im EDA 1990–2020

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen den beigefügten Text "Rückblick für die Zukunft: 30 Jahre Friedensengagement im EDA 1990–2020" unseres ehemaligen Kollegen Markus Heiniger zukommen zu lassen.

Wir wünschen Ihnen eine gute Lektüre.

Apr 16
SDG 16+ Building peaceful, just and inclusive societies for all

​A virtual ministerial meeting on access to justice for all took place on 14 April. Convened by the government of the Netherlands, the Elders, the pathfinders and g7+, and building on the work of the former justice task force of the pathfinders, the objective of the meeting was to generate further momentum and fostering political as well as financial support to ensuring access to justice for all. With a view at this, a joint letter to the UN SG was launched:​. It emphasizes the importance of putting people’s needs and human rights at the centre of justice systems; to make better use of data to make the vulnerable more visible; as well as using justice for prevention and reconciliation.

Apr 16
Human Rights and Climate Change

Frequently asked questions​The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) – strategic partner of the SDC in the area of human rights –  launched a  new thematic guidance on human rights and climate change: Guidance CC and HR​. It outlines which human rights are being especially affected by climate change (eg. right to life, health, water, food, adequate standard of living), what a human rights-based approach to climate change implies as well as the role of international cooperation is in this regard.​

Mar 12
Scoping study on civil society in Kyrgyzstan

Dear all,


The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in Kyrgyzstan is looking for a team of consultants for conducting a scoping study on civil society in Kyrgyzstan and modalities for its support.


Time dedicated to the mission: up to 60 person-days, between April-June 2021 (according to the agreed scoping study plan). The work in the field will depend on the epidemiological situation in the country.


Application process:

We invite organizations/teams of consultants who wish to apply to refer to the attached Terms of Reference (ToR) and to send their applications (including a cover letter, information about proposed approach and methodology, team composition with CVs and previous background on similar assignments, availability timeframe and a competitive quote) by e-mail to by March 29, 2021 COB (Bishkek time).

In case of questions or clarifications needed, organizations/teams of consultants will be invited to an interview by phone or videoconference. 

ToR_CSO study

We would appreciate if you can distribute this announcement within your networks.


Elena Zakirova (Ms.)
National Program Officer, Governance


Swiss Embassy

Swiss Cooperation in the Kyrgyz Republic


21 Erkindik boulevard

Bishkek 720040, Kyrgyzstan

Phone + 996 312 301036 (ext. 845382)

Phone: +41 58 48 45382

Fax + 996 312 303677



Feb 18
Conflict sensitivity in responses to COVID-19

​We would like to share with you this inspiring briefing paper. The paper argues

"Without careful consideration of how COVID-19 – and national and international responses to it – interacts with conflict dynamics, there is a risk that aid could unintentionally exacerbate conflict in recipient communities, while opportunities to contribute to positive peace could be missed."

--> You can download the paper here.​

Feb 17
Factsheet linking LNOB and HRBA

Download our new factsheet!

This note aims to clarify the links between the Human Rights Based Approach to development and the objective to Leave No One Behind. It outlines the human rights basis of the overarching commitment of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and the related legal obligation to Leave No One Behind. It emphasizes how this pledge can contribute substantially to the realization of human rights for all. 

Sep 14
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