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The Fragility, Conflict and Human Rights (FCHR) Unit

One of the main roles the FCHR Unit is to provide thematic steering, operational/strategic advice, trainings and demand driven support to all SCOs.

The FCHR Unit is also active in the national and international dialogue to position Switzerland's agenda in the international debate and framework setting, as well as to feed the international state of the art into the operations in SDC's partner countries.

In addition, it manages and steers strategic partnerships (DCAF, GCERF, OHCHR).

The FCHR Unit plays the role of convener for joint reflections on issues related to FCHR and as a platform to relay and develop proposals on issues of institutional importance.

Finally, it facilitates knowledge management and promotes innovation.


The Fragility, Conflict and Human Rights Network (FCHRnet)

A vibrant network is necessary to serve as the interface between policy a​nd implementation and stimulates thematic learning and peer exchange:​

  • FCHRnet Core Group ensures, in close collaboration with the network members, the animation of the network and the conception of horizontal exchange and learning processes​.

  • FCHRnet working groups contribute to carry out joint reflections and peer learning on selected topics

Furthermore, the FCHRnet is part of the Peace, Governance and Equality (PGE) Cluster. The PGE Cluster functions as a knowledge and competence hub for PGE related policies, topics and methodologies/tools, collaborating under a common strategic approach. This includes integrated thematic steering and policy development – within SDC and at the global level – and joint work related knowledge management and learning, operational advice and quality assurance.​