The Global Programme Climate Change and Environment (GPCCE) is a thematic division of SDC that helps to find solutions to global challenges linked to climate change. It engages in global political dialogue and implements innovative projects that contribute to climate-compatible development and poverty reduction on a global scale. Extensive knowledge is key for climate-compatible development. Therefore, GPCCE is hosting the CC&E Network as a platform for generating, collecting, processing and disseminating of knowledge. For more information about GPCCE, visit the main website of SDC (click here).


Field Offices


Have a look at the following video to learn more about GPCCE's activities


Headquarter Staff

Programme Management

NameJanine Kuriger
FunctionHead of Division GPCCE
Email janine.kuriger@eda.admin.ch


​ ​

NameKonrad Specker
FunctionDeputy Head GPCCE
Email konrad.specker@eda.admin.ch



NamePatrick Sieber
FunctionFocal Point CC&E / CCE Mainstreaming



 Operations Headquarter

NameAntonia Sutter
FunctionProgramme Officer / Climate Finance



NameManfred Kaufmann
FunctionProgramme Officer / Mountains and Adaptation




NameMirjam Macchi Howell
FunctionProgramme Officer / Built Environment
Email mirjam.macchi@eda.admin.ch  



NamePhilippe Brunet
FunctionProgramme Officer / Air, Soil and Water Pollution
Email philippe.brunet@eda.admin.ch  



NamePierre-André Cordey
FunctionProgramme Officer / Forest and Climate Services




NameAndrin Fink
FunctionProgramme Officer / Sustainable Energy
Email andrin.fink@eda.admin.ch


Finance & Administration


NameLisa Schütz
FunctionProgramme Assistant 



NameJolanda Nasi
FunctionProgramme Assistant
Email yolanda.nasi@eda.admin.ch