Advent series: Shining a light for biodiversity


30 November to 19 December 2023 - Four Sessions


The Cluster Green is happy to invite you to the Biodiversity Advent series “Shining a light for biodiversity – four perspectives to the life that sustains us”. This end-of-year cycle of hybrid events will be celebrating the diversity of nature’s living resources for people and the planet.

Four different sessions will introduce you to the importance of biodiversity and elaborate why the future of our planet depends on it. Each session will tap upon a thematic area of the Cluster Green (Food Systems, Climate Change, Water) and welcome guest speakers introducing you to their area of expertise interconnected within the field of biodiversity.


  • To highlight biodiversity as an important topic on which sustainable development as well as the foundation of our societies and economies and the future of our planet hinge.
  • To highlight the interdisciplinary work between the three networks Water, Climate/Disaster/Environment and Food Systems as Cluster Green.
  • To illustrate how biodiversity is crucial to reach the goals of international cooperation.


  • Four hybrid sessions guide you through different topics of international cooperation and biodiversity.
  • Each event will last 55 minutes with inputs from key experts, projects and movies.
  • The recordings of the sessions will be made available online.


🕯️ Candle #1 – Thursday, 30th November, 11:05 – 12:00h, Room : Caracas, 4th floor Zollikofen
The significance of biodiversity and the international efforts to sustain it
Guest speakers: Lucretia Landmann and Juliet Blum, BAFU
Setting the scene: An introduction to biodiversity, where it stands within the international discourse and its relevance in international cooperation.

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🕯️ Candle #2 – Thursday, 7th December, 12:05 – 13:00h, Room : Amazonas, 1st floor Zollikofen
Diversity feeds the world - seeds for resilient and healthy food systems
Guest speakers: Simon Degelo, Swissaid and Amrit Riar, FiBL, and Sonja Tschirren, Swissaid
Practical experience from Africa, Asia and Latin America, capitalizing on agrobiodiversity for improving diets and climate resilience.​

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🕯️ Candle #3 – Thursday, 14th December, 12:05 – 13:00h, Room : Amazonas, 1st floor Zollikofen
Tropical Forests beyond biodiversity – what is in it for the climate?
Guest speakers: Mélanie Feurer, (Forest Landscape Scientist) Bern University of Applied Sciences and Federico Cammelli (Environmental Policy Scientist), ETHZ
Tropical Forests beyond biodiversity:  a debate on global relevance, national sovereignty, and local options

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🕯️ Candle #4 – Tuesday, 19th December, 12:05 – 13:00h, Room : Amazonas, 1st floor Zollikofen
When cinema looks to nature
Guest speaker: Adelina von Fürstenberg, President a.i. Art For the World
How art can help (re-)connect human beings with nature to preserve biodiversity.

How to attend

  1. In person:
    The first event on the 30th of November takes place in Caracas, 4th floor, Zollikofen. The other three events take place in Amazonas, 1st floor, Zollikofen.
  2. Zoom:
    Connect to Zoom at the advertised time with the following link:
    Join Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID: 886 3590 5061)